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15 Beauty Tricks for Using Your Makeup

15 Tricks for Savings Your Makeup Budget


We know men are not pleased what they get. He or she wants more and more. His or her expectation has no boundary. In this globalization world shopping is a vast word for all of us especially for women. And I think that the most tricky part of shopping is budget. I try my best but I don’t know how does budget go to here and there. Nothing say for cosmetics, many times I bought such types of cosmetics those I never exploit till now, or sometime I bought some products at a higher prices those could be purchased at affordable price. But I am sure I am not alone, many people faces this problem as like as me. There are some proven ways to keep away from such problems; almost all of these are adapted for my different purposes.

Makeup application
Makeup application

Let see some tips and follow which can solve your problem or aid to shrink your cost.

Some Beauty Tips for Makeup Using:

To achieve an attractive or glowing face every women wants to need makeup items. For saving your makeup budget every women should know some beauty tricks. Every women also should know How to Take Care of your Makeup for Long Term Use. Makeup Using tips are below:

Makeup instruments or tools
Makeup instruments or tools
  • Mascara has dried up? Do not think a new one firstly. Keep the tube into hot water, or in hot air of hair dryer. You can use it for a few more days.
  • You have used many setting spray. Now use baking soda instead of clarifying shampoo to evade damaged and tangled hair or skin. Two table spoon soda mixed into a cup of water and put it on the head after shampoo, and wash after two minutes.
  • Pulling out a little amount of baking soda on your tooth brush, now brush your teeth. It will work like an expensive whitening treatment. You can realize diversity by using just the once.
  • Use vinegar as an alternative of costly hair serum. No need of shine serum if you apply mixture of two table spoon vinegar with a jog of water after shampoo.
  • You can take baby shampoo ‘no more tears’ formula in place of expensive eye make-up remover. It has power to take out strong gel liner as well.
  • Your favorite nail polish has dried up? A bit of nail polish takes into remover bottle, now shake it very sturdily. Just enough, that would be like new again.
  • Do you try smoky eye for just one day? But you have no black eye shadow. So what happened? Buff up the black pencil eyeliner with the help of vaseline and get elegant look what you want.
  • Rub Vaseline in your two hands specially nails and cuticles thoroughly before sleeping. In that case no need to use hand cream or cuticle oil.
  • You can use rose-water rather than to spend money on expensive facial toner. It will give you much more proceeds.
  • Use lipstick as a blush. Take a bit from tube in your finger and make tap to put in chick bone as cream blush. And thus you can survive the cost from purchasing different blush for different lip colour.
  • Don’t buy extra make up remover for skin. Take the equivalent amount of olive oil and sesame oil and keep it after mixing up. It will work superior more than remover.
  • Eye liner, lip liner is going to dry up soon? Keep it in refrigerator. You can use it for a long time.
  • Use stippling brush or good quality beauty blender for exploiting foundation. Cheap sponge or flat foundation brush absorbs more than that of it’s transmit product to skin. It is waste of valuable products. So by investing in good quality brush or beauty blender you can save costs for a long stage.
  • Try using bb cream, cc cream with the finger. Otherwise these are so fluid that sponge or brush must be absorb it easily and will be waste.
  • Has BB cream ended? No worry. Use foundation after mixing with a few drop of moisturizer. Get natural coverage as like as BB cream.

So let us try above method and see how much you can save unnecessary costs.



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