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8 Important Tips for Eid Shopping

8 Important Tips for Eid Shopping

Nigar Sultana
Head of the Department
Department of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: nigar.kccwc@gmail.com


Eid shopping has already started; market consensus is thrilling the crowd. Many people are faced with the nuisance that this vibrant festival, is expecting to buy clothing. Stores have seen a different color, he brought home another way. Sometimes seen the clothes size problem, worn-hacking or any other errors. The dress shop takes a lot to give back to it in the marketplace, and this festival is a nuisance.

Eid Shopping
Eid Shopping

Now i will mention the some helpful tips for eid shopping.

  • If the trial goes to the store and try to buy the dress. The best way of wearing apparel buying. If you do not have that opportunity, then take a garments for buy the perfect size or measurement clothes.
Eid kamezz selection
Eid kamezz selection
  • Tell us a little light to reduce buying a dress shop, the clothes will be able to understand the real color. If it is not possible to show a little robe, standing outside the shop for checking the actual color.
  • Tell the time to buy a three-piece dress like salwer and kameez, take a measurement of these fabrics in front of you. If possible check out the measurement of scarf or orna or dopatta.
  • During the saree buying time we check the measurement of saree. Standard length of a saree is 6 yards or 12 hands except pieces of the blouse. But nowadays there is a lot of sarees 5 yards or 11 hands. So buying the measure is essential for saree.
Saree selection in a shop
Saree selection in a shop
  • Before packing dress you will check it once. If somewhere hacking, holes, or any other defects. And finally you can pay the money.
  • Since that does not buy clothing, they certainly if there are any problems in attire that will bring you back. Also, how long should return the dress to change the rules so you know what’s coming. Put cash memo in care.
  • Entering a store that will not go out shopping. Check out the clothing prices of other stores to see if any wardrobe choice, negotiate with seller and check the price rate differences and make a decision. Then finally you will buy the perfect dress with a perfect price.
  • Can not take lot of cash in your pocket, because there are huge gathering. You can use credit card or ATM card for safety.



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