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About Us

Fashion Elongation is a fashion learning portal from where anybody can learn about fashion history, style, trend, design, color, accessories and forecasting. It also comprehences articles on fashion merchandising. Fashion elongation simply refers to the movement of fashion, the acceptance of group, contemporary and continental mode of fashion,  to promote the designers innovation all over the world.

The major purpose to create “Fashion Elongation” is to help the students to prepare their assignment, project work. It will also help to new entrepreneurs who are interested to involve in fashion market.

Fashion Elongation is like a community portal. Anybody can publish fashion related articles, thesis papers, project works, presentations and any other reviews in this portal.

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  1. hi.
    i am akbarali from mumbai india
    my work details
    ad films
    garment shoot
    jewellery shoot
    product shoot
    fashion shoot
    3d/2d animation
    editing & designing

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