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An Overview of Fashion Houses In Bangladesh

An Overview of Fashion Houses In Bangladesh

Annie B Mia Mojumder
Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University),
Khulna, Bangladesh
E-mail: anniemojumder@gmail.com


Fashion is style that takes place on a body or face or an appearance that varies from person to person, day to day, time to time. If we shortly explain fashion  like this, a style which has capacity to attract and copy is called Fashion.Fashion is a continuing process of change in the styles of dress that are accepted and followed by a large segment of the public at any particular of time.It marked by rhythmic imitation and innovation, alternative uniformity and change. It’s true. Fashion isn’t defined solely by our clothing choices, but is also conveyed through the way we carry ourselves, our personalities and our views of the world.

Fashion houses do the remarkable job for the people in Bangladesh. Many designers are personally open their fashion houses in Bangladesh. All fashion houses in Bangladesh, the showrooms are located in Dhaka city area. Only Aarong outlets branch are located all the division in Bangladesh. All the fashion houses in Bangladesh, designers are continuously try to give new design for the costumer.

Some information of the fashion houses in Bangladesh are as follows:

1. Aarong:

Aarong is a support enterprise of BRAC: 100% of the business surplus is invested back in improving the socio-economic standards of the marginalized people of different communities. A socially responsible organization. Working as a platform where independent co-operative groups and family based artisans market their craft.

  • Establishment Year: 1978.
  • Founder: Ayesha Abed.
  • Product types : Saree, Salwar Kamiz, Scarf, Kurti, Fotua, Panjabi, Shirt, Kids Wear, Foot wear, Bag, Handicraft, Nokshi Katha, Ceramic, Jewellery etc.
  • Price Range: 750/- to 35,000/-
  • Address: Aarong centre, 346,  Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208
  • Phone: 88028891404
  • Website: www.aarong.com

Products of Aarong:

Products of Aarong
Products of Aarong


Bibiana is a famous brand of Bangladesh of traditional attire with exclusive embroidery and fine fabric. Bibiana has a wide variety of traditional clothing for Women, Men and Kid’s with trendy color, modern cut and festive look.

  • Establishment Date: 1st November 2001
  • Founder: Lipi Khandoker
  • Product Types: SalwarKamiz, Ladies Fotua, Saree, Panjabi, Gents Fotua, Shirt, Shawl, Dopatta, Sherwani, Sandal, Jacket, Household Accessories, Jewelery, Children, Salwar Kamiz, Lungi etc.
  • Price Range: 500/- to 8000/-
  • Address: Dhanmond, Road No-5, House No-6, Ground Floor ( Near Central Hospital ),
  • Phone: 8616251
  • Website:www.bibianaoutlet.com

Products of Bibiana:

Products of Bibiana
Products of Bibiana

3. BanglarMela:

A fashion brand to promote the craft, culture and heritage of Bangladesh. One of the of the famous fashion brand of our country.Banglarmela has introduced a new dimension of fashion to all. This brand has shown everyone how to stay stylish and look your best wearing 100% deshi clothes and culture.Banglarmela’s goal is to bring fashion in an affordable price to all and also make people look elegant, comfortable and classy.

  • Establishment date: 1st May 2001.
  • Founder: Emdad Hoque.
  • Product Types: Saree, SalwarKamiz, Kurta, Fotua, Panjabi, Shirt, Kid’s Wear, Handicraft, Pottery, Bag, Nokshi Katha, Home Textile etc.
  • Price Range: 750/- to 5000/-
  • Address: Banani, Road#11, House#55, Avanir Banani, Dhaka 1213.
  • Phone: 9873168
  • Website:www.banglarmela.org

Products of Banglar Mela:

Products of Banglar Mela
Products of Banglar Mela


Rang has been contributing to the growth of handloom and handicraft industry. With the motto of painting time Rang has introduced a new dimension of novelty in the trend of clothing. Rang’s concept of fashion has evolved round the quest for and celebration of national heritage. The predominant ingredient of our products being indigenous colours and fabrics, the ideology of Rang is to spread an aesthetic experience among our people.

  • Establishment Year: 1994
  • Founder: Biplob Saha.
  • Products type: Saree, Salwar Kamiz, Fotua, T-Shirt, Panjabi, Kurta, Handicraft etc.
  • Price Range: 1150/- to 18,000/-.
  • Address: House-96, Lake Drive Road, Sector-7,Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230.
  • Phone: 01730068040
  • Website:www.rang-bd.com

 Products of Rang:

Products of Rang
Products of Rang

5. Anjan’s:

In the line on Bangladesh fashion design Anjan’s wing reached over the mass peoples. At first Anjan’s had only two workers but now Anjan’s has 70 over officers and workers and along with still engaged almost one thousand labours which are more rural female labour numbers. So, Anjan’s contribution is not only in the making fashion line rather has also arranged work arena among the poor village women.

  • Establishment Date: 15th February 1994
  • Founder: Shaheen Ahmed
  • Products type: Saree, Salwar Kamiz, Kurti, Fotua, Panjabi, Shirt, Kid’s Wear, Handicraft,  Hometex, Etc.
  • Price Range: 370/- to 9000/-
  • Address: Khan Villa, 34/B, Chowdhury Para, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Phone: 88-02-9362019, 88-02-8357754.
  • Website:www.anjans.com

Products of Anjan’s:

Products of Anjan’s
Products of Anjan’s

6. Sadakalo:

Despite of mere commercial aim, Sadakalo’s brand venture comes from the thought of making a dream come true. A dream that consists of a spectacular range of limitless designs that can spark of with the simple combination of the two monochrome colors Black and White.

  • Establishment Date: 4th October 2002.
  • Founder: Tahsina Shahin.
  • Products type: Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear, Kids Wear, Household, Fashion Accessories, Gift Items, Books etc.
  • Price Range: 300/- to 10,800/-
  • Address: Dhanmondi,  351 Rifels Square 3rd Floor, Road-2, Dhaka.
  • Phone: 88028626282
  • Website:www.sadakalo.net

 Products of Sadakalo:

Products of Sadakalo
Products of Sadakalo



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