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An Overview of Fully Cut Garments

An Overview of Fully Cut Garments

Afsana Rahman
Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: pakhirahman123@gmail.com


Fully Cut Garments:

The cut and sew technique is by far the simplest method of garment construction whereby individual panel shapes are cut to size from panels (V bed or flat bed) or from a long length of fabric or cloth (circular knitting machines).

Fully cut garments
Fully cut garments

Properties of fully cut garments:

  • Have joint/seam.
  • The component shapes of knitted garments are simpler than those made of woven fabrics.
  • Design can make independently.
  • Use computer when cut.
  • Use various types of cutting machine (V bed or flat bed).
  • Labor cost and wastes is high.

Advantages of fully cut garments:

The benefits of the cut and sew route includes the followings:

  • Ease speed of knitting of fabric
  • Total consistency of cut panel sizes and relative ease of garment make-up.
  • The downside is that the seams have to be over-locked prior to sewing or linking to prevent the exposed stitches from laddering.
  • This produces a seam that is relatively large, bulky and unsightly.

Disadvantages of fully cut garments:

  • The cut and sew route is not widely used for wool knitwear production
  • The material wastage (up to 25%) and perceived “lower quality” image makes it less appealing.

Uses of fully cut garments construction:

A wide variety is included in fully cut garments, e.g. men’s, women’s and children underwear, swimwear, sportswear and leisurewear etc. At one end the making of men’s or children’s underwear is very much mass production, with a small variation in product design and size range. On the other extreme, some leisurewear is now highly stylize and subject to the vagaries of fashion.

uses of Fully cut garments
Fig: swimwear                   Fig: sportswear                          Fig: underwear

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