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An Overview of Muslin Saree in Bangladesh

An Overview of Muslin Saree in Bangladesh

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Muslin is a cotton made plain weave saree. It is made in a wide range of weights from delicate sheers to coarse sheetin. Earlier it was manufactured from Bangladesh when it was earlier a part of India. It was made handwoven of uncommonly delicate hand spun yarn.

The name Muslin is originated from the name ‘Mosul’ a city of Iraq where it was first manufactured.

Muslin the finest fabric

Muslin is among the most fascinating and exotic fabrics known. Originating in ancient Bengal, muslins became famous during the Mughal rule when they were exported from Dhaka to the Middle East and much of Europe. Characterized by its ultra-fine, light and glossy texture, clothes made of muslin were worn exclusively during those periods by men and women of royalty and nobility. The fabric was so fine that an entire six yards muslin saree could pass through a ring!

A beautiful white muslin saree
A beautiful white muslin saree

Dark time of Muslin weaving history

However, during the British colonial rule, the muslin weaving industry in Bengal suffered massively from the colonial policies, in order to promote use of textiles that were industrially manufactured in Britain, and the muslin trade declined to the verge of becoming extinct. The fingers of the weavers were cut off, so that they could not weave it anymore.

Present situation of Muslin saree

Today, some of the muslin weaving industry has been revived in West Bengal, and sarees made from this fabric can once again be enjoyed. The price of a saree varies widely from several thousand rupees to over a lakh (USD 100 to over 1500), depending on the fineness of the fabric and the intricacies of the patterns.


Beside saree muslin is also used for many other purpose also. Jamdani saree is the another familiar muslin saree. In 2013, the traditional art of weaving Jamdani muslin in Bangladesh was included in the list of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Other using purpose of muslin are-

For dress making & sewing
Different dresses can be made of Muslin. Otherwise Muslin is also used for a backing or lining for quilts.

Shellac Polishing
Muslin is used as a French polishing pad

Muslin can be used as a filter

Theater and Photography
Muslin is the most common backdrop material used by photographers for formal portrait backgrounds. In video production as well, muslin is used as a cheap greenscreen or bluescreen. Muslin is often the cloth of choice for theater sets. It is used to mask the background of sets and to establish the mood or feel of different scenes.

The use of Musline in medicine is also renowned. Surgeon uses muslin gauze neurosurgery. Muslin is also commonly used in the manufacture of bandages. . It provides a compact yet strong improvised material in emergency medicine.


You can buy with 2500 tk to upper price a muslin saree including Jamdani muslin and other muslin.

Market of Muslin in Bangladesh

Interested to buy a muslin saree? Then you wil get it in different renowned show room and other market also. Some fashion house i.e Arong, Rong, Zarif fashion, Narimela etc are bringing different designed different muslin saree in different occasion.

Otherwise you can also buy your favorite muslin saree from Mirpur benarasi palli. And if are thinking to buy a muslin with less budjet then you can try in a local market at Dhaka. Because of less overhead cost they can be able to sell a muslin saree to with your budget.




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