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Basic Knowledge of a Fashion Designer to Create a Design

Basic Knowledge of a Fashion Designer to Create a Design

Jahanara Akter
Editor, Fashion Elongation
Email: fashionelongation@gmail.com


Every designer should to know the some basic information to design a dress. This knowledge is mainly comes from the theoretical background. Fashion designer students are learned all of the information from their institute step by step. All of these information’s are very important for a beginner.

Design on dress with hand sketching
Design on dress

Now I will mention some basic knowledge for a fashion designer to designing a fashionable dress.

To be able to combine the basic elements of the design namely color, line, texture, shape and form so as to produce charming, interesting and graceful effects, one must necessarily have a knowledge of the principles of art or design classified commonly as harmony, proportion, balance, rhythm and emphasis. These principles will help to create designs of good taste (if applied with imagination) and to evaluate designs critically).

How can you develop your taste, imagination and ability to create your own designs?

First of all…..

  • You must collect design ideas by going through fashion magazines, books with historic costume plates, books with pictures of national and peasant costumes, tribal costumes etc.
  • You can also observe costumes displayed in museums, dresses of people in famous portraits and current styles displayed at ready made and worn by well dressed people whom you see at movies, parties, shops, functions etc.
  • Close observation trains the eye to distinguish distinctive designs from commonplace designs and good designs from bad ones.


  • You must learn to sketch designs, to start with, using a tracing paper you can trace carefully and exactly few designs from current fashion magazines or pattern books.
  • Later practice free hand drawing first by looking and copying the designs on hand and next by observing each design carefully and then sketching it from memory.
  • After you have trained yourself to do this, you will be able to put down on paper designs of dresses you may have observed while doing window shopping when attending social functions.


You develop the ability to evaluate or judge designs by critically analyzing their design details, decorative details and style lines in relation to the design of the dress and the personality of the wearer keeping in mind the art principles.


Train yourself to observe a design and modify it or adapt it to suit current fashions, different types of personalities, different age groups, sex, occasions, and purposes. From one design idea, try to sketch about ten designs with slight variations.

Design application on the dress pattern
Design application on the dress pattern


Make an attempt to create your own designs by putting on paper sketches from your imagination which should have been enriched by now by the practice you have been observing and sketching a variety of designs.

At last you will apply your design on the fabric or garment, to make a fashionable dress. You can also apply your design on the dress with the help of different media for the attractive looks. And this is the main creation for a successful designer.



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