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CAD (Computer Aided Design) | Uses of CAD in Fashion Designing

What is Computer-aided design (CAD):

Computer-aided design (CAD) is computer based tools that are widely used in pre-manufacturing stages for a product design. It is termed as CAD or Computer-aided design. CAD tools are assists Engineers, architects, fashion designer and other designer professional in their design activities. Now-a-days “uses of CAD in fashion designing” it is a common word in the fashion industry.

Sometimes the acronyms such as CADD or CAID are also used for “Computer-aided design and drafting” and “Computer-aided Industrial Design” respectively. These terms are mostly used in the sectors related to the manufacturing of engineering goods. As far as textile industry is concerned, CAD is generally used for interpreting computerized designing. It includes both software and sometimes special-purpose hardware.

CAD for fashion designing
CAD for fashion designing

Types of CAD software:

Software developers are always try to developing new and various types of CAD software. These are below:

  1. 2-D CAD
  2. 2.5 D CAD
  3. 3-D CAD

3-D CAD are classified in three types:

  • Wire-frame models
  • Surface Modeling
  • Solid Modeling

Different CAD software for fashion designing:

There are the popular CAD programmes that are used by fashion designers in various fields. They are:

  • Corel draws,
  • Adobe illustrator,
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • eTelestia CAD Software
  • OptiTex CAD Software
  • Fashion CAD
  • EDraw Max
Optimax CAD software for fashion designing
OptiTex CAD software for fashion designing

Uses of CAD in fashion designing:

CAD software is widely used in the field or areas of fashion design. Some uses are mentioned in below……

  • CAD is mostly used in the drafting, drawing or technical designing by fashion designer.
  • CAD makes the design easier to ensure that designs are flowing together in a collection.
  • It makes designs process more sophisticated and can be used in place of regular designing method such as drawing.
  • Before producing the product, CAD can be used to check design, fabric, and color.
  • Designers in the fashion industry use computer software (CAD) to create sketches of design that are used to create clothes, accessories, shoes, intimate apparel, and more.

Advantages of CAD in Fashion designing:

CAD has many advantages. These are below

Uses of CAD-CAM for pattern making
Uses of CAD-CAM for pattern making
  • CAD in Fashion Designing systems are easy to operate.
  • CAD saves the designers expense and time during the design process, when compared to the laborious manual work of designing.
  • Designing can be done from anywhere, as the customers are able to control the process from remote locations as well.
  • The data can be easily stored, transmitted, and transported through computer files.
  • Digital swatches can be saved on floppy disks, zip disks, CD-ROM or hard drive thus saving space. Moreover they can be easily organized for fast and easy retrieval.
  • The designs can be easily customized and personalized as corrections and editing can be done at any time without significant delays or cost increases.
  • The designers do not need to produce swatches all the time as they can now see how a particular fabric or garment looks in different colors and shapes on the computer screen itself.
  • Main advantages of using CAD when designing clothes is a designer can see her design on a virtual model, and then play with color and fabric choices to perfect that design.
  • Computer-generated sketches are more reliable and easy to interpret, reducing the chance that manufacturers will make no mistakes while constructing a garment.
  • Computer-aided designers work for retail companies, fashion houses or boutiques, textile companies, apparel manufacturers, and design studios.

Impacts of CAD in Fashion industry:

Different software and computer applications are must be needed in the field of fashion designing. CAD software is the main part of fashion design to create new design. Some impacts of CAD software are below…

CAD-COM software for fashion designing
CAD-COM software for fashion designing
  • Many fashion designers are sketch by hand but now large numbers of designers are used CAD in fashion designing.
  • From this CAD software designer get more flexibility to select color and change the design on a product.
  • Learning CAD programme is very essential for a fashion designer or even for someone who wants to pursue a CAD profession. A degree in CAD can also lead to a job in the textile industry.



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