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Career in High Street Fashion

Career in High Street Fashion

Mahmuda Khan Keya
Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: khannaina670@yahoo.com


High Street:

High street means the main street of a town, especially as the traditional site for most shops, banks, and other businesses. The market constituted by the general public.

High street retail as a term is used for the primary business street of cities, which is usually a focal point for retailers. Also known as Main Street or Front Street in some countries.

H&M shops in the high street
H&M shops in the high street

High street fashion:

High street fashion is the latest clothes, accessories, jewelry, footwear, and head-wear shop which is recognize in the main street of a town, popular public highway to attract the consumer attention for maximize the sales.

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Difference between Street Wear and Formal Wear

In England, high-street fashion is the type of clothes and clothes shops that you would see on your average high street; for example, Topshop, H&M, or Primark. These shops are affordable for the average person, but also keep up with the fashion trends.

It actually means fashion (financially) affordable for everybody and it is also based on current fashion trends (inspired usually directly by the expensive haute couture)

High street fashion
High street fashion

High street fashion is all about wearing the clothes that walk out on the runway and are casual enough to wear on the street. High waisted shorts are an example. High street fashion changes often and varies from season to season so you have to keep your eyes open to watch the latest things walking the runway.

The history of the high street:

The high street first came about in the 1870’s – social historian Juliet Gardiner explains that ‘because of urbanization, people no longer had the facilities to grow food themselves. It was then that market stalls became shops, with fixed prices, customer service and home deliveries.

However, it wasn’t until Edwardian times that shopping became the retail therapy that it is now. Its popularity was largely based on the Votes for Women movement (if anyone knows shopping, it’s us women) The suffragettes desperately wanted somewhere respectable to go on their own in their free time, and as a result tea shops and department stores opened. It was from this era that Selfridges was born – opening its doors in 1909.

In 1964 the disposable, fast and cheap fashion culture we’re so used to today begun. Young girls didn’t necessarily want clothes in classic designs made to last any more, they wanted high fashion statements and that very same year Top shop was born! After Top shop followed Evans, Dorothy Perkins, Top man, House of Fraser, Debenhams, Wallis, BHS and Miss Selfridge leading the Arcadia group to dominate most of the high street as we know it today. With the international arrival of Swedish retailer H&M, Spanish retail empire Zara and the addition of Next, our British high street is now often proclaimed to be the best in the world!

Oxford high street fashion week in London
Oxford high street fashion week in London

Career in high street fashion:

  • High Street Careers features job vacancies found at many of the retail shops, stores and outlets you would find on a typical high street.
  • Designers are show their creativity in the high street career. Because the retail shops are established in the main street in the town for the consumer attraction only. This reason designers are decorate the high street store in the help of window display, in-store display, and different types of mannequin also.
  • Many search engine technology delivers the latest high street retail vacancies from some of the leading employers, specialist recruiters and specific retail employment websites that are based within the UK.
  • As an established job board in this sector we carry vacancies for retail shops and associated outlets in retail sectors including women’s, children’s and baby wear, toy shops, electrical retailers, phone shops, fashion and accessories outlets, food and grocery, home ware, DIY stores, Jewelers, Opticians and various supermarket retailers.



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