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Choosing the Neckline for Face Shape

Choosing the Neckline for Face Shape

Nigar Sultana
Head of the Department
Department of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: nigar.kccwc@gmail.com



The type of neckline for face shape to be selected depends upon the shape of the face, features, and length of neck. The average length of neck is one third that of the head length. The oval is considered an ideal face shape.

Variations in face shapes and suggestions for becoming necklines for each type are shown in below:

  1. Oval Shape
  2. Long and Narrow Shape
  3. Round Shape
  4. Square Shape
  5. Inverted Triangular Shape
  6. Rectangular/ Oblong Shape
  7. Heart Shape

1. Oval Shape (Ideal shape):

  • Many lines are becoming.
  • Scoop and turtle neck are great.
    Oval Shape Face
                                                                  Oval Face Shape
    Neckline for oval shape faceNeckline for the oval face shape

2. Long and Narrow Shape:

  • These necklines seem to shorten the face and add fullness.
  • Use high neckline for face shape, wide lapels, scarves, bows or chokers worn high.
    Long shape face
                                                                    Long face shape
    Neckline for long and narrow shape faceNeckline for the long and narrow face shape

3. Round Shape (Full cheeks, round chin):

  • Lower the neckline for apparent length with narrow lapel.
  • Small pointed collars.
Round shape faceRound face shape
Neckline for the Round shape face
Neckline for the Round face shape

4. Square Shape (Forehead and chin broad):

  • Lower neckline fr face shape to add length.
  • Use V-line to slenderize, give soft effects.
Square shape faceSquare face shape
Neckline for the Square shape face
                                                Neckline for the Square face shape

5. Inverted Triangular Shape (Wide forehead, pointed chin):

  • Use width at neckline for face shape.
  • A short oval or short U is becoming.
    Triangle face shape
                                                                 Triangle face shape
    Neckline foe the Inverted triangular shape face
                                Neckline for the inverted triangular face shape

6. Rectangular/ Oblong Shape:

  • Help the appearance seem more oval and wear strong horizontal lines.
  • Strapless, boatneck, off-the-shoulder, slight cowl necklines.
  • Avoid the V-neck, plunging and scooped necklines.
    Oblong face shape
                                                                  Oblong face shape

7. Heart Shape:

  • Strong horizontal clothing lines are best.
  • Boatneck, crew, off-the-shoulder and turtle neck shapes are advised.
  • Avoid V-neck, sweetheart, scoop, strapless and plunging necklines.
    Heart face shape
                                                                    Heart face shape



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