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Clothing for Creeping Baby

Clothing for Creeping Baby (9 months to 1 year)

Jahanara Akter
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: fashionelongation@gmail.com




After the baby has began to creep about, more clothes are required, partly for safety’s sake. Overalls are the simplest form of garment for both sexes especially those with snaps in the crotch help easy change of diaper. Overalls shield tender knees from floor. Normally shirt, t-shirt, half pant are worn by creeping baby.

Clothing for Creeping Baby
Clothing for Creeping Baby

Clothing for Creeping baby:

  •  Reinforcement in the knees of pant legs will provide for greater durability.
  • Large amount of clothes are required because they become dirty their clothes easily.
  • We will buy low price clothes because creeper damage their clothes within a short time.
  • Snapper or gripers on the crotch of overall save time when diaper changes are necessary.
  • Garments of firmly woven or knitted fabrics with appropriate seam finishes will give good service for rough wear and many laundering.
  • In cold weather zones a snowsuit, mittens, and hood will be necessary. A lightweight wind resistant, and washable fabric such as nylon or polyester is desirable.
  • During the creeping ages soft-soled shoes may be worn if protection from cold is needed. Shoes are about ½ inch longer than the toe, and stocking should be ½ inch longer than the foot.
  • Training pants are often worn when toilet training begins. Training pants will continue to be worn until toilet training is accomplished. These pants are made of two-way stretch fabrics, which fit snugly at the hip. Centre panel of two, three, and four layers provide for absorption and protection. Training pants of knit fabrics are desirable, since they will give ease as the child moves about, and the stretch inherent in the fabric will allow for some degree of growth.
  • Creepers are physically more active than newborn baby. Their clothes should be able to absorb sweat due to the child’s activities.
  • Strong and durable fabrics are suitable for this age group. They crawl on the floor, fabrics from knees wear off due to friction. But strong and durable fabrics can withstand the friction. Reinforcement can be given at knees with the help of a patch.
  • Garments with adjustable straps are more suitable due to growing stage.
  • Mainly creepers are need more comfortable costume to wear.
  • Deep colour clothes are perfect for the creeper.



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