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Clothing for Pregnant Mother

Clothing Selection for Pregnant Mother

Jahanara Akter
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: fashionelongation@gmail.com



For the first three months of pregnant mother will probably be able to wear their regular work wardrobe. They may need to leave the top button undone on their skirts and pants, but they can camouflage that by leaving their tops untucked. Women become larger during pregnancy, and in the later stages mobility may be also be reduced. Pregnant mother commonly used knit and cotton garments for the comfortableness, such as: maxi, kamiz, peticoat, frock, tops, skirt etc

Pregnant women

Clothes selection during pregnancy:

What are the right clothes to wear during pregnancy period? Some following tips these are helps to choose the perfect clothing for pregnant women…..

  • Keeping attractive with smart maternity clothes, careful grooming, and well-chosen make-up helps the expectant mother maintain her morale at a high level.
  •  The most obvious is the change in silhouette, primarily the breast and abdominal areas.
  • Elasticated waists are worn to allow for comfort and expansion.
Comfortable maxi dress
  • Most women still want to dress fashionable, and so need to have up-to-date styles and colours available in shapes that can be worn when pregnant mother.
  • Ready-made maternity garments are usually sized so that the pregnant women can continue to wear her customary size.
  • Clothing  for pregnant women made from knit fabrics containing easy-stretch yarns of cotton or nylon are very satisfactory.
Cotton salowar-kamiz for pregnant women
  • If fastenings are adjustable then clothing can be worn for an extended period during pregnancy. As the clothes are only required for nine months this cut down costs.
  • Pregnant mother will tire easily, so clothing needs to be easy  to care for  and require little ironing.
  • Pregnant mother tend to get hot, so clothing needs to allow them to remain cool and comfortable.
  • Clothing  for pregnant women must not restrict movement, causing distress to the wearer.
  • Pregnancy clothing must be soft, stretch fabrics will also allow for comfort and expansion.



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