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Clothing for the Infant Baby

Clothing for the Infant Baby (up to 9 months)

Jahanara Akter
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: fashionelongation@gmail.com



Infants or new born baby spend a lot of time sleeping and depend on others to clothe them. Play time can be on the floor and hence dirty, so clothes will require plenty of washing.

The three “musts” in clothing the newborn baby are warmth, comfort, and hygienic qualities. The amount and type of clothing for the infant baby will need will be determined to some extent by the time of the year, general climatic conditions, warmth of child’s room and condition of the infant. The most suitable fiber for infant’s clothing is cotton, because it is soft, and can be kept hygienically safe by washing in hot or boiling water.

Cloth of infant baby
Cloth of infant baby

 Selection of clothing for the infant baby (up to 9 months):

  • Infant’s clothes should be selected primarily on the basis of comfort and ease of care.
  • Garments which need no ironing, easy to put on the baby, and have no hard or rough surface to cause discomfort are considered most suitable.
  • Clothing for the infant baby (up to 9 months) should be soft, pliable and not irritating.
  • Clothing for the infant baby need to be safe, with no loose ribbons or ties that may cause choking.
  • They should provide ventilation to allow any moisture to evaporate. Inadequate ventilation causes moisture to stay next to baby’s sensitive skin and may result in skin irritations.
  • Clothing for the infant baby should be simple and well made.
  • Fancy trimmings require extra care in laundering and often irritate the baby.
  • Knit fabric garments stretch with body movements and are easy to put on the infant.
  • Openings all the way down the front or back make dressing simpler.
  • Ties or flat fasteners are more comfortable; drawstring necklines are not recommended because the infant might become caught in the strings.
  • If ties or buttons are used, they should be inspected often to make sure that they are sewed securely.
  • The rate of physical growth is very rapid. Extra seam allowances and hems can be given.



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