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Clothing Selection for Marriage and The First Year

Clothing Selection for Marriage and the First Year
Jahanara Akter
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: fashionelongation@gmail.com


Clothing selection for the family presents a greater challenge today than in past generations. Custom and habits are no longer adequate criteria for clothing decisions. The kind and variety of clothes available today seem almost limitless, as a result of the new technology and its accompanying mass production of garments.Family  income levels are the most important factors to choice in the area of clothing selection. So, we always want to select perfect clothing selection for our family members.

Clothing selection for marriage and the first year of marriage:

Clothing selection is the main part for marriage ceremony and the first year of marriage. Different types of clothes and accessories are needed in that time.So we have some awareness to get the actual product for the bride or bride groom.

Clothing selection for marriage

The following suggestion will help the prospective bride or bride groom to select clothing that meets all the qualifications:

  • Choose the garments and accessories that reflect the personality. Bold designs, strong colour contrasts, rich fabrics are suitable for individuals with forceful personalities, whereas small details, delicate fabrics, and dainty colours are best for those with gentle personalities.
  • Select clothing that is flattering to the figure. Figure irregularities must also be considered.
  • The colours selected should enhance the colour of the skin.
  • Coordinate colours to make each individual outfit pleasing as well as to integrate the whole wardrobe.
  • Should choose only those designs and fabrics that represent moderation in current fashion.
  • Keep in mind the different occasions for which an article of clothing will be needed.
  • The clothes planned for the wedding should constitute the basic wardrobe for bride and bridegroom for the following year or more.
  • The new clothes purchased must be selected to supplement the articles in the present wardrobes of the bride and groom so that a complete, well-balanced wardrobe will be on hand after the marriage ceremony.
  • The average young couple begins their married life in an apartment where storage space is at a premium, so that the wardrobe must be planned with this in view.
  • Any clothing that requires a great deal of time and money for maintenance will be unsuitable if the bride expects to work after the marriage, if laundry facilities are limited, or if there will be limited funds for clothing maintenance.
  • Any wedding clothing that will not be worn after the wedding must be stored and cared for or disposed off.



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