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Common Women Figure Problems for Wearing Dress

Common Women Figure Problems for Wearing Dress:

Every woman has something about her body she’d like to hide their problem and express her actual beauty. Women figure problems with just a few visual tricks and some types of wearing dress that are helps to remove your problem areas will disappear and let your true beauty shine through!

plus size women figure
plus size women figure

Some common women’s figure problems and Some tricks to hide this problem these are mentioned below……

Large Hips:

Draw attention to the top of the women figure problems, width of shoulders. Use interesting collars, yokes, shoulder details, longer bodice or bolero. Use trimming in center or near center of figure. Use slightly flared skirt. Use panels or unpressed pleats in center of figure.

Prominent, abdomen:

Direct attention either above or below abdomen by using darts, pleats, dark center panels, long straight jackets, easy fitting blouses with interesting necklines. Skirts with front fullness or drapery. This types of dresses are remove the women figure problems.

Sway back and prominent posterior:

Conceal by dipping waist seam in the back, filling in the hollow above with a blouse effect. Use fullness in back of skirt, peplums, bustle effects, long jackets.

Types of Shoulder:

  • Square: Use raglan type sleeves.
  • Sloping: Always use shoulder pads. Fullness in top of sleeve or high wide lapel.
  • Rounded: Soft rolling collar tends to straighten upper curve of shoulder. Bolero, cape or short jacket maybe used.
  • Narrow: Extended shoulder line, crosswise tucks, wide lapels , shoulder fullness in tucks, darts, gathers.

Flat Chest:

Use easy fitting blouses – vests, frilly ruffles, jackets, double breasted effects, wide revers.

Large Bust:

Surplice styles, V shaped vests with ease in bodice and at waistline. Straight boxy jackets.

 Low Bust:

Draw attention toward neckline by interesting collar, necklace, pockets.

 Long Waist:

Point attention to shoulder or bust line. Wide belts, broad collars, Use low waist seam unbelted, as in long torso design, princess lines, horizontal trimming are used to hide women figure problems.

Short Waist:

Use surplice closing, narrow belts, or unbelted, long collars, tucks running up and down. One piece dresses.



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