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Costume Components for Men of the Edwardian Period and World War-1 (1900-1920)

Costume Components for Men of the Edwardian Period and World War-1 (1900-1920)
Afsana Rahman
Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
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Hair And Headdress

Hair: Generally hair was short. The war helped to diminish the popularity of beards and mustaches, as they were more difficult to keep clean in combat zones and interfered with gas masks.

Hair And Headdress Edwardian Period and World War-1 (1900-1920)
Fig: He is clean shave with short hair.
Hair And Headdress Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: This man has short hair, beards and mustaches.

Hats: In this period, hats were almost always made of beaver fur felt. It is one of the common costume components for men.

Top Hats: The mid height beaver fur or silk Top hat with curled brim was still the best hat for formal wear in the 1920′s.

Top Hat of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Top hats.

Trilby: Trilby’s featured tall crowns with a crease down the center, rolled up side brims and a wide peters ham band with flat bow on one side and soft felt hats. Common colors were black or brown with matching band.

Trilby of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Trilby.

Homburg: A cousin of the bowler is the Homburg. Worn in the decade preceding the 20′s the Homburg looked like a bowler with a long crease down the middle. It is soft felt hats.

homburg of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Homburg

Stetson Felt Hats: Western-style Stetson felt hats were worn in some parts of the United States.

Stetson Felt Hats of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Stetson felt hats.

Panama Straw Hats: For summer men used panama straw hats and straw boaters and linen hats made in derby or fedora-like shapes.

Panama Straw Hats of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: panama straw hats.

Bowler or Derby Hat: The edges were curled all around and finished with matching pertersham ribbon.  It was designed to protect a man’s head while riding through bushes and ducking under branches.

Bowler or Derby Hat of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Bowler or derby hat.

Fedora Hat: 1920′s men’s fedoras feature wide 3 inch brims that were shaped downward on both the front and back side thus making the sides rolled slightly upwards.

Fedora Hat of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Fedora hat.

Flat cap or Gatsby hat: The hat that the Great Gatsby wears most is the flat cap. Also knows as Ivy cap, cab driver hats, newsboy cap, driving cap and big apple cap. It has a small brim that the top rests on.

Flat cap or Gatsby hat of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Flat cap or Gatsby hat.


Stockings: These were usually neutral colors, with a few stripes, or multicolored styles. Stockings had ribbed tops and were held up with elastic garters.

Stockings of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Stockings.

Shoes: In the early part of the century shoes had long, pointed toes, and laced or buttoned to close. Many were cut high, above the ankle. For evening black patent leather slippers were popular. After 1910, oxfords (low, laced shoes) increased in use. Some had perforated designs on the toes, others were two-toned, and some were made in white buckskin for summer. Sturdy, laced high shoes were still favored by many for everyday. By the end of the decade, rounded more blunt toes were more popular.

Shoes of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Shoes had long, pointed toes, cut high, above the ankle and laced or buttoned to close. And Rounded more blunt toes shoes.
Low, laced shoes of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Low, laced shoes.

Boots: Boots were less fashionable but when worn were Cut high, above the ankle.

boots of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Boot (Cut high, above the ankle).


Walking sticks were popular until automobiles came into widespread use. Other accessories for men were gloves, handkerchiefs, scarves and suspenders.

Walking sticks: They used decorative sticks for fashion.

Walking sticks of  Edwardian Period and World War-1 (1900-1920)
Fig: Walking sticks, gloves and scarves.

Gloves: These would cover the wrist area.

Scarves: They usedscarves hanging from on their neck.

Handkerchiefs: They used handkerchiefs in their pocket.

Handkerchiefs of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Handkerchiefs.


Jewelry was mostly limited to tie pins, shirt studs, rings, and cuff links. Wristwatches gained popularity as a result of their wartime use and because of the increased use of automobiles. (The inconvenience of pocket watches to soldiers and drivers proved the value of wristwatches).

Tie pins: They used decorative tie pins.

Tie pins of Edwardian Period and World War-1 (1900-1920)
Fig: Tie pins

Shirt studs: They used shirt studs on their neck.

Shirt studs Edwardian Period and World War-1 (1900-1920)
Fig: Shirt studs.

Rings: They used decorative rings.

ring of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Rings.

Cuff links: They used cuff links on their cuff.

Cuff links Edwardian Period and World War-1 (1900-1920)
Fig: Cuff links.

Wristwatches & pocket watches: They used wristwatches on their hand. They were also use pocket watches for proved the value of wristwatches. It is the fashionable costume components for men.

Wristwatches & pocket watches Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Wristwatches & pocket watches

Suspenders: Mens used suspenders with their pant.

Suspenders Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Suspenders.

Cosmetics: Mens used perfumes like- Jicky, Les Perfumes de Rosine.

Cosmetics of Edwardian Period and  (1900-1920)
Fig: Cosmetics


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