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What is Design? | Classification of Design in Different Ways

What is Design? | Classification of Design According to Different Sense

Nigar Sultana
Head of the Department
Department of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: nigar.kccwc@gmail.com



Design is the representation of art through technology. Art is the presentation of an emotion. So we can find out some feature of design after analyzing there definition. We should design dresses on the basic of features.

Classification of design:

On the basis of variation of features, sources of beauty design can be classified in different heads. As

On the size an elements of clothes design may be of two kinds-

  1. Structural design: A specific size is expressed by some lines. Each costume has a specific size for this the design is which is applied for giving the size of a costume is called structure design
  2. Decorative design: Decorative design is ornamentation or surface enrichment by applying design. And the outer or ornamentation or trimming of dress/costume by fixing the structural design. It applied to increase the other ornamentation of costume.
    Designed in dress
    Designed in dress

Classification of Design According to motif-

  1. Natural design : It is the design where motif from nature is used. Here flowers, leaves, creepers, animals, hills and mountains, rivers and streams are taken as subject matter.
  2. Geometric design : In  this system motif like circles triangular square are used to perform the design.
  3. Abstruct design: It is the design which follows certain complicated motif to sketch anything.
  4. Stylized design: It is the design where the designers uses his personal creative power giving due importance of the time being natural stylized designs are made of through basic system.

Classification of Design On the base of beauty-

  1. Distinative design : This design distinguishes address for its special tracing.
  2. Classic design : The design which helps dresses to be differentiated easily is called classic design.
  3. Ordinary design: In this process dresses are plainly designed that it may be considered as an ordinary one.
  4. Poor design : The design which doesn`t add beauty or increase that it may be considered as an ordinary one.

Classification of Design according to sense, motive and personality-

  1. Athetic design: Games and sports related to exercises like football, cricket, busket, ball, swimming and running this type of style is used.
  2. Romantic design: The dress made ready to reveal out or express cheer of mind , emotion and imaging concept is called romantic design.
  3. Grammen design: It is the dress which reveal out over flowing youth after design. The word grammen means-small in size , young in age and friendly casual in manner to en-light these speciality.

Classification of Design According to source-

  1. Architectural design
  2. Natural design
  3. Historic design
  4. National design
  5. Modern design



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