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Difference between Street Wear and Formal Wear

Difference between Street Wear and Formal Wear

Sanjana Islam Eva
Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: sanjanaeva34@yahoo.com


Formal and street wear:

Formal and street wear both are the dressing way of boys and girls today but both have no connection with each other but they have so many differences with each other. The way of expression, combination, color, define everything is different between them. But both are equally important in the society.

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Difference between Street Wear and Formal Wear:

Street wear
Formal wear
Street wear is a distinctive style of street fashion which has no bounds.
Formal wear (Canada, US) and formal dress
(UK) are general terms for clothing suitable for formal social events.
Suitable for every where without any formal occasion.
Suitable for formal social events, such as a wedding, formal garden party or dinner, debutante cotillion, dance, or race.
Doesn’t have any fixed dress code
Have a fixed dress code
no dress code available, anyone can dress anything funky.
Dress code: black suit, tie, formal pant, white shirt etc
No similarity like formal wear.
In most of the country formal wear is similar or seems same like others.
Started from 70s and 80s
Started after the second world war.
Very popular to the teenagers and young men women
Not so popular to teen agers
Suitable for informal hangout
Suitable for weeding occasion
No color bindings
Some fixed color bindings
Random used by the celebrities
Not randomly used.
Image:street wear
Image:formal wear



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