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Different Categories of Dress for Children

Different Categories of Dress for Children

Tasmin Ara Sumi
Department of Fashion Design
KCC Womens College, (Affiliated by Khulna University),
Khulna. Bangladesh.
Email: sumitasmin@gmail.com


Children’s Wearing:

The children wear business is very complicated because each size range is a separate market. Children’s wear is also highly competitive because the consumer is extremely value conscious and prefers comfortable dress. Parents don’t want to spend much money on clothes that their children will quickly growth. It’s really difficult to categories children’s wear.

Different categories of children wear:

1. Girls dresses:

Girl’s dresses are available in all style and price range. Holiday and spring are the biggest season for special occasion dresses. Some girl dresses are jumpers, sweater, jackets, skirt, frock, lehenga, small version of a salwer-kameez, t-shirt, jeans, pant, half pant, ponchos, gown, considered tailored clothing etc.

Girls dresses
Different dresses for girl

2. Boy’s dresses:

Include shirt, t-shirt, romper suit, blazers, other dress jackets, sweater, suits, sailor dress, sailor suit, Skeleton suit, Little lord fauntleroy, kkachi durumagi, school uniform, Blanket sleeper, Buster Brown suit, dress pants, trouser, panjabi, and shorts.

Different boys dress
Different dresses for boy

3. Swim wear:

Group swimsuit and beach cover-ups.

Swim wear
Swim wear

4. Outer wear:

Outer wear includes dress coats, all weather coat, rain coat, ski jacket, snow suits, suits, sweater etc.

Outer wear
Outer wear

5. Sleep wear:

Includes layette grown and sacques, blanket sleepers pajamas, night grown etc.

Sleep wear
Sleep wear

6. Accessories for boys and girls:

Footwear, hosiery, flat sandal, hat, baby clip, hair band, bib (garments), belts, gloves for winter season, diaper etc.

Accessories for boys and girls
Accessories for boys and girls



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