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Different Ideas of Window Display

Different Ideas of Window Display

Jannatul Ferdous
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Window display creates on base any subject. It is based on some important look or ideas. Window display can give the change of looking fashion. That the window display to catch the attention of anyone, to grab their attention, create an engaging and interesting window display.

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Window Display | Functions and Objectives of Window Display

There are some ideas for window display are given below:

  1. Seasonal Display
  2. Single Focus Display
  3. Lights Display
  4. Themes Display

1. Seasonal display:

Seasonal window display means to store sells clothing, fashion accessories, electronics, books, cards or food, incorporate the holidays in window display. Let spring, summer, fall and winter inspire the ideas. Incorporate back-to-school or spring break in window display. It is the exchange of valentine’s or Halloween party’s display. Seasonal window display ideas are four types. These are-

a. Let spring window display
b. Summer season window display
c. Winter fall window display
d. Valentine’s and Halloween party’s window display

a. Let spring window display:

This window creates on season of spring. This display decorates based on let spring. This display fresh looking and consist of colorful sense.

Let spring window display
Let spring window display
b. Summer season window display:

The summer season window display is the most popular window display. It is the eye catch window display. Its window display platform is based on the summer season look. And its dressing types are normal, thin and flexible.

Summer season window display
Summer season window display
c. Winter fall window display:

Winter fall window display is the common window display. It’s platform are show of snow and white color based. This display is attracted for presser by and the display dressing sense is cover with heavy cloth.

Winter fall window display
Winter fall window display
d. Valentine’s and Halloween party’s window display:

Valentine’s and Halloween window displays are the occasionally create. No regular subject in the fashion houses but it gives the excellent look and exceptional window display.

Valentine’s window display
Valentine’s window display

2. Single focus window display:

Cell phones, MP3 players and video game consoles all by different manufacturers. pick only one type of product or one company brand to catch a potential customer’s eyes and give him something to focus on.

Single focus window display
Single focus window display

3. Lights window display:

Lights display potential customer with lights in window display. Not only do lights makes the window displays easier to see during the day and evening, but they attack attention. This window display of seen something more such as- strings of white lights and its give it a romantic or magical feel. Use colored lights to make it bright, Spotlights add drama and a sense of importance, Moving lights such as twinkle lights or strobe lights catch people’s eyes.

Lights window display
Lights window display

4. Themes window display:

Instead of throwing a bunch of summer clothes or easter merchandise into a display window, give it a theme. window display a jewelry theme, showcasing clothes that sparkle, electronics with a shine or any rhinestone-encrusted accessories or product on the market A themed window display not only catches a potential customer’s attention.

Themes window display
Themes window display




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  1. Very interesting article! The most important element in the window display is the merchandise- clothes, jewelry or watches or other accessories.

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