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Different Parts and Types of the Zippers

Different Parts and Types of the Zippers

Mrinmoye Biswas
Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University),
Khulna, Bangladesh



A zipper is a fastening device which makes a complete closure by means of interlocking teeth. It is an important accessories for making garments.

Types of zippers:

  1. Conventional or regulation.
  2. Separating.
  3. Invisible.
  4. Coil zipper
  5. Metal or plastic chain or zipper

1. Conventional or regulation zippers: Conventional or regulation zippers are closed at one or both ends . They are inserted either beneath the garment seam folds which completely conceal the zipper, or in a slashed opening as an exported zipper.

2. Separating zipper: The separating zipper is open at both ends allowing the zipper to disconnect completely. It can be concealed beneath the seam folds or inserted as a decorative zipper where tap and teeth will show on the face of the garment.

3. Invisible zipper: The invisible zipper is a self-concealing zipper, closed at one end, applied to the seam line with no visible means of stitching .

4. Coil zipper: A coil-constructed zipper is a continuous strand of nylon or polyester twisted into a spiral and attached to a synthetic tape . It is flexible and lightweight .

5. Metal or plastic chain or zipper: A chain-constructed zipper consists of individual metal or plastic teeth attached to a cotton or cotton blend tape . It is heavier and more rigid than the coil-constructed zipper .

Characteristics of zipper:

  • Zipper are used at front, back, side and princess line seams or sleeve openings .
  • Zippers may be inserted horizontally for pocket, design detail, or fashion accent .
  • Each zipper is applied either by a special foot attached to the machine or by hand stitching in a lapped centered or exposed application .
  • All zippers are available in various weights, sizes, and colors .
  • The weight of zippers is determined by the type of tape and structure .

Different Parts of Zipper:

Parts of the ZipperParts of the Zipper

Different parts of the zipper and with their definition are given below.

  • Top Stop : Two devices affixed to the top end of a zipper, to prevent the slider from coming off the chain.)
  • Slider : The device that moves up and down the chain to open or close the zipper.)
  • Tape: The fabric part of the zipper.
  • Teeth: The individual elements that make up the chain.
  • Bottom Stop: A device affixed to the bottom end of a zipper, to prevent further movement of the half of the zipper from separating.



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