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Different Styles of Coat for Men and Women

Different Styles of Coat for Men and Women

Nishat Nowshin
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: fashionelongation@gmail.com




A coat is an outdoor garment with sleeves, covering the body from the shoulder to waist, knee, or foot. It is worn by both men and women. Coat is mainly use for warmth or fashion. Coats are open down the front and closing by different fashion accessories such as, decorative button, zipper, hook and loops and also use belt for extra ordinary looks.

Types of Coat:

  1. Short coats
  2. Fitted coats
  3. Semi-fitted coats
  4. Loosely fitted coats

1. Short coats:

Pant coat:

Thigh length coat in a sporty style. (Also called car, stadium or suburban coat.)

Pant coat


Three quarter length coat usually with attached hood, fastened with wooden or metal toggles. (Also called toggle coat.)

Duffle coat

2. Fitted coats:


Fitted to the waist with long seams from the armhole or shoulders, no waistline seam, flared hemline, usually single breasted with low stand collar.

Princess coat


Coat fitted to the waistline with a flared hem line, double-breasted, wide, high stand collar and wide lapels, brass buttons.

Coachman coat

3. Semi-fitted coats:


Semi-fitted, single, or double-breasted front, high stand collar and lapels usually in velvet, wide lapels. May have fly front or concealed closing.



Double-breasted with wide collar and lapels, fitted at the waist with long seams from the shoulders or armhole to hem, flared hemline.

Reefer coat


A sturdy raincoat of water repellent fabric, which is usually double-breasted, has high stand collar with large lapels, loose shoulder yoke, epaulets, slash pockets, and belt with buckle.

Trench coat


Straight coat without buttons, held with tie belt, usually double-breasted to allow for adequate overlap .

Wrap coat

4. Loosely fitted coats:


A boxy, straight coat, single or double breasted, with large buttons, optional sash belt or half belt, high stand collar. Usually camel colored.

Polo coat


Boxy coat made of brightly colored waterproof vinyl, frequently has metal clip fasteners. May have attached or separate hood.

Front side of Slicker coat
Back side of Slicker coat


Loose-fitting coat with raglan sleeves and small convertible collar, fly front may conceal buttons.

Balmacaan coat


A shaped coat, narrow at the shoulders and very flared at the hem. (Also called swing, swagger, or pyramid coat.)

Tent coat



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