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Different Types of Band Collars for Men and Women Garments

Different Types of Band Collars for Men and Women Garments

Jahanara Akter
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: fashionelongation@gmail.com




Collars are classified as band, high stand, and low stand. Within each types there are several styles defined by the shape of the collar’s outer edge. Different types of  band collars are shown in the garments design. Different types of band collars are mainly used in men shirt, panjabi, fotuya, T-shirt, and also used in women’s garments.

Band collars:

Band collars have a straight or convex neckline edge.

Band collars

Different types of  band collars for men and women garments are explained with picture in below:

Band (basic):

Straight or slightly curved collar cut on straight yam direction or bias. May fasten in the front or back. (Also called stand-up collar.)

Band (basic) collars


A band collar on a wide neckline. (Also called the moat or wedding-band collar.)

Ring collars


Wide, high band, close fitting collar that fastens in the back. (Also called Victorian collar.)

Choker collars


A band collar located farther away from the base of the neck than the ring collar.

Portrait collars


Band collar with square or rounded ends that do not quite meet at center front. (Also called mandarin or Nehru collar.)

Chinese collars


Narrow band collar that fastens on the right side. (Also called Ben Casey collar.)

Medic collars


Stiff band collar with pointed ends that fold outward.

Wing collars


Wide band collar that fastens on the left side. May be embroidered. (Also called Zhivago or Russian collar.)

Cossack collars


Stiff white band collar, fastened in back. (Also called a Roman collar.) White collar may be partly covered by a black or colored collar called a rabat.

Clerical collars


Long extension of wide band collar tied in a bow.

Bow collars


Long medium-wide to wide band collar with the two ends brought to the front and  looped over each other. May be an extension of the collar or attached at back neck of collar. (Longer variation called stock-tie or flip-tie collar.)

Ascot collars


Large wide band collar variation which stands away from the face. Generally opens in front.

Funnel collars

Band collars of rib knit:


High rounded neckline finished with narrow strip of rib knit.

Crew collars


High rounded neckline finished with very wide strip of rib knit that is often worn folded over.

Turtleneck collars


High rounded neckline finished with medium wide strip of rib knit.

Mock-turtle collars


Wide bias-cut draped collar. May be of knitted fabric like a wider and deeper variation of the turtleneck which drapes in soft folds.

Cowl collars



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