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Different Types of Design Careers

Different Types of Designer or Design Careers

Jahanara Akter
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Designer is a person who designs in the different area like costume, jewelry, ceramic, interior, graphics and so on. Every designer are work their own field. You have come across the word “Design and Designer “very often, you always wanted to know about design career or professional.

The basic equipment’s of designers are idea, emotions, and experience of life. It is important to remember that all the designers use their basic skills to pursue career or work in their special area.

If you are interested about art, if you love color, if you like drawing, illustration, if you have a lot of knowledge about latest style, fashion and trend, then you will select your perfect design career or professional for a bright future.

Different types of  design professional or career:

Here are the few design careers or professionals that are related the study of creative arts and designs.

1. Fashion designer:

Fashion designer anticipate the latest fashion trends, color and design of clothes for particular needs. They must knowledge of the use of fabrics, pattern making, manufacturing method, and the skill to communicate their ideas through sketches and drawing.

Fashion designer
Fashion designer

2. Costume designer:

A costume designer researches and designs costumes to be used in television shows, movie productions and stage performances. Many costume designers become renowned within the industry for the quality of their costume wardrobes.

Costume designer
Costume designer

3. Textile designer:

Textile designer connected with designs of fabrics for a variety of purposes from clothes to carpet. They must understand the nature of their materials and acquire technical experience in dyeing, weaving, printing, color, shape, texture, and pattern are the key elements in textile designer.

Textile designer
Textile designer

4. Window display or doll fashion designer:

These designers create fashions that are part of entire seasonal lines for dolls and action figures. Their products are usually sold in catalogs or in hobby stores.

5. Industrial designer:

They are concerned with the appearance and function of consumer products. Their work is mainly three dimensional and the product they design can range from cars, fridges, stereos to perfume bottles, and tooth brush etc.

6. Graphics designer:

Graphics designer are also called visual communication artist. Their job is to design all types of printed matters, such as: poster, stamp, magazine, books, packages, and wrapping paper etc.

Graphics designer
Graphics designer

7. Jewelry designer:

As a jewelry designer, you’ll get to express yourself creatively using both technology and your artistic talents.Your creativity might be restricted in your attempt to meet client demands.

Jewelry designer
Jewelry designer

8. Ceramic designer:

They are mainly design ceramic eating items, decorative show piece, tails, bath room items etc.

9. Interior designer:

Interior designer work with interior spaces to improve the safety, functionality and aesthetic appeal of the area. They select color schemes, furniture, flooring, lighting and all other elements of a room or building. They sketch their ideas or use design software to communicate their plans with the architects, structural engineers and builders who bring their designs to life.

Interior designer
Interior designer

10. Exhibit Designer:

These professionals work in teams to design, plan and oversee the construction of exhibits and three-dimensional displays. Their services are used to make shop displays more attractive to buyers, and to create visual displays for companies to use at job fairs and other business functions.

11. Web designer:

The role of web and media designers is to utilize all of the media possibilities of the web to create dynamic, attractive, and easy to use web sites.

Web design
Web design

12. Software Designer:

A software designer takes the customer’s specifications for a piece of software and designs the programming, including testing and installation.

13. Floral designer:

Floral design is the art of using plant materials and flowers to create a pleasing and balanced composition. Floral designer mainly creates flower arrangements for different program like wedding, they includes making wreaths, nosegays, garlands, festoons, boutonnieres, corsages, and bows.

Floral designer
Floral designer

14. Furniture designer:

A furniture designer is a professional that designs and creates different types of furniture. Each piece of furniture that a furniture designer creates must serve a few different purposes. First of all, it must be functional. It must also be practical, comfortable, and attractive.



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