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Different Types of Fabric Package

Different Types of Fabric Package

Sadia Alam
Dept. of Fashion Design
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Khulna, Bangladesh
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Fabric Package:

Fabric package means different way of fabric roll system.  In the fabric marketing time, fabric  packages are mainly used to remove any types of damage. Fabric package is generally helped by transportation, also helpful for hole seller and retail seller.

Different Types of fabric package:

There are seven types of fabric packages and they are given below:

  1.  Open fabric roll
  2.  Tubular knitted fabric roll
  3.  Folded fabric roll
  4.  Folded fabric cuttled
  5.  Hanging fabric packages
  6.  Jelly roll
  7.  Python fabric packages

1. Open fabric roll:

  • Most of the time fabric is supplied by wrapping over a tube which is about of 7 to 8cm dia.
  • The widths of the fabric roll vary from 75cm to 3m.
  • The length of the fabric is usually hundred meter to few hundred meters.
  • This types of package is suitable for both machine and manual spreading.
    Open fabric roll
    Open fabric roll
    Open fabric roll package
    Open fabric roll package
    Open fabric roll package machine
    Open fabric roll package machine

2. Tubular knitted fabric roll:

  • Most of the knitted fabric is found in tubular form and they are supplied in roll from.
  • Tube roll usually have the same width as the garments width such as T-Shirt, Polo Shirt.
  • Spreading machine is used to spread fabric from this type of rolls.
    Tubular knitted fabric roll
    Tubular knitted fabric roll
    Tubular knitted fabric roll machine
    Tubular knitted fabric roll machine

3.  Folded fabric roll:

  • In this type of package fabric is wrapped over 1-2cm thick and hard board.
  • This type of fabric package is generally used by retail seller.
  • The width of the fabric is found 70-80cm.
  • We can not spread this type of package by spreading machine.
  • Garments factories do not use this type of package.
    Folded fabric roll
    Folded fabric roll
    Folded fabric roll machine
    Folded fabric roll machine

4. Folded fabric cuttled:

  • Check fabric & knitted fabric are found in this type of package.
  • This type of package is used to avoid distortion of these fabrics.
  • Fabrics are folded in full width and in 80-90cm. This package is prepared by folding the last edge of the fabric.
  • Spreading machine is required to make lay from this type of package. It is the toughest package for spreading.
    Folded fabric cuttled
    Folded fabric cuttled

5.  Hanging fabric package:

  • Velvet or expensive types of fabrics are found in this package.
  • Fabrics are placed in a special type of frame according to length and width and are kept in hanging form so that the pile is not crushed.
  • Only manual spreading is possible for this type of package.
    Hanging fabric package
    Hanging fabric package

6. Jelly roll:

  • A fabric package containing 40 strips (2½” x 44″) from the range of a particular designer.
  • Jelly rolls are consisting of 40 strips cut from the width of the fabric, rolled together up together (like a Swiss Roll cake cut into slices).
  • Jelly roll strips are 2½” wide x 44″ long, and are presented as either strips from the complete fabric range, or a selection of it, providing a convenient way to buy a large number of strips in a wide variety of fabrics, without needing to buy a minimum cut off the bolt.
  • Jelly rolls are popular for strip-piecing designs and quick-piecing quilts. Moda jelly rolls complement their other fabric pack formats like charm pack and layer cake.
    jelly roll
    Jelly roll

7. Python fabric package:

  • Fabric package is a simple pythonic remote deployment tool.
  • It is designed to upload files to, and run shell commands on, a number of servers in parallel or serially.
  • These commands are grouped in tasks (regular python functions) and specified in a ‘fabfile’. It is a bit like a dumbed down Capistrano, except it’s in Python applications, and the ‘put’ command works.
  • Unlike Capistrano, Fabric want’s to stay small, light, easy to change and not bound to any specific framework.
    Python fabric roll
    Python fabric roll
    Python fabric package
    Python fabric package




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