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Different Types of Fashionable Salwar for Ladies

12 Types of Fashionable Salwar for Women

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Salwar kameez is the dress worn by both men and women in South Asia and Central Asia. The Salwar is a loosely-fit payjama-like pant. The legs are often wide at the top and narrow at the ankle.

There are several types of fashionable salwar pants in modern times, some trendy and jean-like.

1. Basic Salwar:

Basic salwar is very popular and that is worn by all Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani women every single day. This salwars have frills in front originating from the center and of course the bottom part of salwar is a bit narrower than the rest.

Basic Salwar
Basic Salwar

2. Straight Salwar:

This types of salwar is really simple salwar as like basic salwar with minimum pleats.

Straight Salwar
Straight Salwar

3. Patiala Salwar:

The Patliala is a fashionable salwar kameez looks best on women then on men. About Sixty years ago it was a regular daily outfit for the women of Punjab. A lot of fabric goes in making it.

Patiala SalwarPatiala Salwar

If you are slim figured than you can go with this unique style of salwar definitely. The current trends include use of soft fabrics like chiffon which are light. Pure soft cotton is also used to make Patiala salwar. You can also try one of Patiala with silk fabric if you are not worried about budget.

  • You can try your favorite Patiala Salwar with Kurtas with short sleeves, long sleeve.

4. Churidaar Salwar:

Churidar is always fashionable salwar. Narrow fitting from the knee down extra long to gather at ankle making it look like bangles, but loose fitting above knees.

Churidaar SalwarChuridaar Salwar

Bengali & Indian women wear them to offices. Women’s wear churidar suits for casual and formal occasions.  If anybody is of short height then she has to try with less bangles or churis at the ankle. It gives a stunned look. A short woman could try wearing high heels to give a taller carriage to her gait.

  • You can wear Churidar suits with short kurtis or with long kameezes

5. Dhoti Salwar:

Modern girls or women really attracted the way of dhoti. But since its traditional wear its not easy to tie dhoti for modern girls. So fashion designers create ready to wear dhoti salwar . which give you similar look of dhoti. and you can enjoy to wear just like regular pant.

  • Currently Dhoti in latest fashion in south Asia and India. You can wear Dhoti salwar with kurtis or kameezes.

Dhoti SalwarDhoti Salwar

6. Bangaroo Salwar or Aladdin Salwar:

It is a special style of Pants which falls long between legs. As traditional trends always attract in fashion. Aladdin salwar comes in fashion with new name of Bangaroo Salwar. as its so comfortable and easy to move during your travel. specially its cool and give u easy to move. Nowadays every girl own several colors of Aladdin or bangaroo salwar.

Aladdin SalwarAladdin Salwar

7. Harem Salwar:

Harem salwar is a modern variation of salwar and it is usually worn with tops. This salwar is as like as Bangaroo Salwar or Aladdin Salwar. It is very popular salwar for all young men and women’s and perfect outfit for teen agers.

Harem Salwar
Harem Salwar

8. Afghani Salwar:

This types of salwar designs are comes from Afghanistan. The cuff of this salwar are wider and narrower than the normal salwar. There are several variations of afghani salwar popular among women.

Afghani salwar
Afghani salwar

9. Boot Cut Salwar:

Which have flairs at the bottom on each side ,with elastic waist.

Boot Cut Salwar

Boot Cut Salwar

10. Sharara Salwar:

This types of salwars are look like full skirts, like wide leg pants, but are worn with a drawstring. They are very comfortable and look very appealing on women with narrow stature. But women’s are not accept it for long time fashion.

Sharara Salwar
Sharara Salwar

11. Trouser or Pencil Salwar:

Trouser or pencil pant is a latest fashion for women. This kind of pencil pant mainly worn with tops and kurti. These look really cool with long kameez. They are perfect for office wear and for young college going women or girls also.

Trouser or Pencil Salwar
Trouser or Pencil Salwar

12. Parallel Salwar:

This kinds of salwars are of same width from top to bottom. The cuffs can either be embroidered or just plain. It helps you to create a long sleek look.  These are usually worn with short kurtas or front opening kurtas.

Parallel Salwar
Parallel Salwar



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