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Different Types of Necklines for Men and Women

Different Types of Necklines for Men and Women

Jahanara Akter
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: fashionelongation@gmail.com




The line formed by the edge of a garment at or near the neck and opening at the neck of a garment, often with reference to its shape or its position on the body are called neckline.  There are different types of necklines are used in the garments design for men and women. These are shortly describe in below:

Different Types of Necklines:


High round neckline located at base of neck, usually plain.

Jewel neckline


Cut down in front or back to a sharp point.



Jewel or V neckline that opens in the front, usually with buttons along center front.

Cardigan neckline


A narrow vertical opening in a neckline. The slit may be in the front or back. It may be held closed with a button and loop or other fastener.

Slit neckline


Medium low in front, rounded and the same width as the base of the neck.



Moderately low-cut neckline, square or angular in front.

Square neckline


Medium low in front, rounded and wider than the base of the neck.

Scoop neckline


Moderately low, but very wide angular square neckline.

Florentine neckline


Low rounded curved neckline, shaped like a horseshoe in front.

Horseshoe neckline


Wide horizontal neckline, high in front and back. (Also called bateau neckline.)

Boat neckline


Wide horizontal neckline, not as high as boat and sometimes fastened at shoulders.

Sabrina neckline

High neckline with opening cut out at front. Opening can be round or wedge shaped.

Keyhole neckline


Lowered front neckline shaped like top of heart.

Sweetheart neckline


Asymmetric neckline starting over one shoulder and extending diagonally to under the other arm. (Also called asymmetric neckline.)

One-shoulder neckline


Neckline that wraps forming a V neckline in front or back.

Surplice neckline


Sleeveless, with front of garment held around the back of the neck by a band extending from the front.

Halter neckline


Any neckline that is cut very low in front.Often refers to wide, gently curving deep V.

Decollete neckline


Low neckline extending around upper part of arms, baring the shoulders.

Off-the-shoulder neckline


Low-cut neckline, usually V-shaped, extending to the level of the breasts or to the waist. Lower than decollete.

Plunging neckline


Neckline just above the bust. May be held in place by darts and fitting, boning,elastic, or shirring.

Strapless neckline


Neckline just above the bustline, held by straps over the shoulder. Strap width may vary from very narrow (spaghetti) to wide.

Camisole neckline


High neckline cut in one with garment by slanting or curving shoulder seams upward towards the neck. (Also called built-up neckline.)

Funnel neckline


Flat, shaped narrow band finishing the neckline and front opening.

Banded neckline


A front center portion of a garment, usually oval or square. May be set into a blouse or dress below the neckline or extend upward from the waist of pants or a skirt.

Bib neckline


Full neckline drawn close to neck. May be adjusted or gathered with a drawstring cord or elastic. (Also called drawstring, peasant, or gypsy neckline.)

Gathered neckline


A separate portion of the garment in the shoulder and neckline area. Seamline attaching yoke to lower portion may be straight, horizontal, angled, or curved.

Yoke neckline


Draped neckline resulting from bias cut with excess fabric forming soft folds in front or back.

Cowl neckline




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