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Different Types of Prints on Fabric

Different Types of Prints on Fabric

Nustat Binte Razzak
Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Womens College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh


Define of prints:

Prints are the impression of any creative design made over fabric or garments or garments using paints or dyes during manufacturing process or at any finishing stage. Printing signifies the application of colour to the finishing fabric to produce the patterns which may be floral of (natural) to hide some manufacturing defects.

There are different types of prints such as :

  1. Classical print
  2. Floral print
  3. Stripes print
  4. Checks print
  5. Dot print
  6. Geometrical print
  7. Directional print
  8. Self print
  9. Computerized print
  10. Mosaic print
  11. Wild print
  12. Animal print
  13. Abstract print
  14. Numerical print
  15. Alphabetical print
  16. Children’s print
  17. Photo print

1. Classical print:

This is also known as ethnic on traditional print. k this print classical motifs or traditional and work or traditional collection and used such as mango , elephants ,with the chariots, old musical instrument etc. The culture of any particular place can also be considered such as tie and dye batik, block of Rajasthan etc.

Classical print
Classical print

2. Floral print

It has the print of varieties of flowers either in bunch or single spotted, huge or small , combination of leaves and other adding’s. Here colors combination is very important.

Floral print
Floral print

3. Stripes print:

One would have been different types on the garment but would not have noticed its c-classification. We have many types of stripes for instance:

Stripes print
Stripes print
  • Pin stripes
  • Zigzag stripes
  • Spiral stripes
  • Zebra stripes
  • Diagonal stripes
  • Horizontal stripes
  • Vertical stripes
  • Curved stripes
  • Toothpaste stripes
  • Lamp post stripes

A. pin stripes:: These are stripes which are printed lines at hairy distance and mostly two to three colors are used including the background.

B. zigzag stripes: It can come in horizontal or vertical but in the shape of zigzag.

4. Dots print:

The dots are the spots either designs or plain and comes in colors of choice. The dots are basically divided into three types as big dots, small dots and polkas dots.

Dot print
Dot print
  • Big Dots is a dot which has the radius of 3-10 cams. Some are plait and mostly printed.
  • Small Dots are dots which are horizontally placed .it can very from pin dot to radius of 1.5 cms
  • Polka Dots is a mixture of big and small dots together, usually round or oval shaped with designed filling

5. Geometrical Prints:

This is the print where all the geometrical instrument designs are created and the mathematical signs are use such as plus, mints, multiplication, division etc . There is no prescribed color combination .

Geometrical print
Geometrical print

6. Check prints:

Checks are the print which is got by intersecting horizontal and vertical lines at ninety degree angles. There are basically four types of checks such as plaids, Madres check, Bombay check and Oxford check.

Checks print
Checks print

Plaids are the simple check where all the squares are of equal size and it has the combinations of any two colors which are mostly used for the school uniforms. It looks similar to the checks of chessboard.

Madras Check: It has got not more than 2 to 3 vertical stripes with equal (single) horizontal stripes. Typical colors used in madras checks are blue, red, orange, yellow and white .Now available in all colures. These prints can be used for lunges, shirt, Bermudas and coats.

Bombay Check: These checks are mostly available in light colors. Here no paper number of stripes can be counted either horizontally or vertically but stripes are varying closely printed. It is used for shirt materials only.

Oxford checks: This is found in dark colors with white combination. Here the stripes printed horizontally will be equal to the stripe printed vertically and at equal thickness placed at equal-distance . This types of checked distance . This types of checked fabrics are used for uniform (school), table mat, bad cover, draperies etc.

7. Animal prints:

In a wild print, the natural such as forest with the forest with the picture of animal are used but in animal print ,no wild effect is shown but the importance is given only to the skin texture of the animals and their foot prints such as Zebra ,cheetah, Tiger ,deer ,snake , crocodile, tortoise skin etc.

Animal prints
Animal prints

8. Abstract Prints:

This print is made using the irregular shapes with marching colors scheme.

Abstract Prints
Abstract Prints

9. Numerical Prints:

Here the number from 0-9 is used. Some times with or without mathematical signs.

Numerical print
Numerical print

10. Alphabetical Prints:

Some as numerical prints this prints is made using alphabets, wording etc .But cartoons are mostly not used as combination with this.

Alphabetical print
Alphabetical print

11. Directional Prints:

Any prints which are designed directionally either horizontal, vertical or diagonal is called the directional prints. Its feature is to follow the direction of the first one. These types of print are used in Egyptian dresses.

Directional print
Directional print

12. Self Prints:

Any design which has to be printed should be of the same shades of the background color.

Self print
Self print

13. Computerized Prints:

The design of this print is taken from computer graphic designs and videogames .Can be used for children and teenager.

Computerized print
Computerized print or 3-d print

14. Wild Prints:

The effects of the forest with or without animal, natural are used in this print. Mostly dull colour is used.

Wild print
Wild print

Camouflage fabric which is used in the uniform of the military men at war.



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