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Different Types of Sewing Machine Used in Apparel Industry

Types of Sewing Machine Used in Garments Industry

Nishat Nowshin
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
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Sewing and Sewing Machine:

Joining the fabric by using needle & thread is called sewing. Sewing section is the biggest section in the garments industry. It is a universal & widely used method of joining fabrics. Sewing process is done by sewing machine. A sewing machine is a textile machine used to stitch fabric or other material together with thread. Various types of sewing machine used in apparel industry. Sewing machines are mostly used to prepare a machine lay out plan for different garment items like shirt, pant, t-shirt, polo shirt etc. You can also read this article to know about Machine Layout Plan of Basic Long Sleeve Shirt.

Main purpose of this article is to discuss about different types of sewing machine which are used in present garment industry.

Plain sewing machine
Plain sewing machine

Types of Sewing Machines

According to the operating system there are two types of sewing machines are available given below:

A. Manually operated sewing m/c.
B. Electrically operated sewing m/c.

There are various types of Industrial sewing machines named by:

  1. Double chain stitch m/c (4- needle short)
  2. Double chain stitch m/c (4- needle elastic inserting m/c)
  3. Double chain stitch m/c (double needle with reserve feed)
  4. Feed of the arm (double chain stitch m/c, 3-needle)
  5. Over lock m/c (twin needle, 4-thread m/c)
  6. Over lock m/c (1-needle, 3-thread)
  7. Zigzag sewing m/c (1-needle)
  8. Interlock m/c (twin needle, 5-thread over lock m/c)
  9. Lock stitch m/c (single needle with variable top feed with automatic thread trimmer)
  10. Lock stitch m/c (single needle with automatic thread trimmer)
  11. Lock stitch m/c (single needle sewing m/c)
  12. Lock stitch m/c (2-needle with spilt needle bar sewing)
  13. Lock stitch m/c (twin needle feed)
  14. Lock stitch m/c (1-niddle with vertical trimmer wiper & reverse feed)
  15. Lap seaming m/c ((for back tape attaching)
  16. Linking m/c
  17. Top & bottom cover stitch flat bed m/c (3-needle)
  18. 3-needle covering m/c, 5-thread flat bed top & bottom covering m/c
  19. Bar tack m/c (with automatic thread trimmer)
  20. Button hole sewing m/c (for knit fabric)
  21. Button covering stitch belt loop making m/c (kansai m/c)
  22. Bias tape cutting m/c
  23. Label sewing m/c
  24. Button hole m/c (for woven fabric)
  25. Button sewing m/c



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