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Dress Design for Your Figure Types

Dress Design for Your Figure Types

Jahanara Akter
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: fashionelongation@gmail.com



A design which is appropriate for you is fully as important as an appropriate colour. If you understand and apply design properly, you are a long step farther along the way to becoming a confidently well-dressed person.

Any attempt to clarify figure types leads to the realization that very few girls are true figure types, just as few girls are true blondes or brunettes. However, in order to have a basis for choosing flattering designs, most figures are classified in 5 types. Every types of figure are choose different types of dress design.

Types of body figure
Types of body figure

Types of  Figure for Girls:

  1. Short-Thin Figure
  2. Short-Stout Figure
  3. Tall-Thin Figure
  4. Tall- Stout Figure
  5. Average Figure

Now I will mention, what kind of design you will follow and which avoid according to your figure type.

1. Short-Thin figure:

Follow design:

  • Princess lines dresses
  • Full-length coats
  • Short and bolero jackets
  • Narrow, matching belts
  • Skirts with knife pleats, easy gores
  • Delicate, dainty fabrics
  • One colours costumes
    Short-thin figure
    Princess line dress for Short-thin figure

Avoid design:

  • Clinging styles and fabrics
  • Large prints, large accessories
  • Long waistline

2. Short-Stout figure:

Follow design:

  • Vertical or diagonal lines
  • Simple design
  • Easy fitting cloths
  • Full length coats
  • Narrow, matching belts
  • Set in sleeves
  • Dull surfaced fabrics
  • One colour costume
    Vertical or diagonal lines dress for Short-Stout figure
    Vertical or diagonal lines dress for Short-Stout figure

Avoid design:

  • Ruffles, bows, frills
  • Full or very straight skirts
  • Full sleeves
  • Broad collars, wide lapels
  • Wide and contrasting belts
  • Bulky or large figured fabrics

3. Tall-Thin figure:

Follow design:

  • Contrasting colours in yokes, blouses, and skirts
  • Bulky fabrics, plaids, checks
  • Wide belts, patch pockets
  • Dolman, push-up, or full sleeves
  • Easy fitting, bloused waistlines
  • Circular, pleated or gathered skirts
  • Double breasted styles
  • Full or boxy jacket
    Wide belt dress for Tall-Thin figure
    Wide belt dress for Tall-Thin figure

Avoid design:

  • Princess styles
  • Small accessories
  • Shiny, clinging fabrics
  • Vertical stripes
  • Long U neckline

4. Tall- Stout figure:

Follow design:

  • Simple designs, little detail
  • Balance of horizontal and vertical lines
  • Easy fitting, straight and slightly flared skirts
  • Three quarter, set-in sleeves
  • Dull fabrics
    Straight  skirt for Tall- Stout figure
    Straight skirt for Tall- Stout figure

Avoid design:

  • Frilly clothes
  • Large sleeves
  • Contrasting and wide belts
  • Bulky fabrics
  • Small accessories

5. Average figure:

Can wear most good designs, specific figure variations may limit.

Average figure
Average figure

Now viewers, you will follow your appropriate design for dress making according to figure and express your attractive personality.



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