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Eyeshadow Applying Style

How to Apply Eyeshadow | Eye shadow Applying Tips

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Eye make up is the essential parts for women beauty. Women use different types of eye makeup items for their beautification. Most important eye makeup items are:

Eyeshadow applying

Choosing the right eye makeup styles depends on several factors,These are:

  • Eye shape
  • Eye color and skin Tone
  • Personality
  • Occasions


Eyeshadow is a one kind of make up item that is applied on the eyelids and under the eyebrows. It is frequently used to shade or “shadow” the eyes, it is also used to lighten, brighten, and make eyes appear larger. Many different types of enhancements can be achieved through different uses of color, shading, and blending techniques.

Eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow palette

Eyeshadow tools:

Different types of tools are needed to apply eyeshadow. tools are..

  • Base shadow brush
  • Blending brush
  • contour brush
  • Eye shadow palette

Eyeshadoe toolsEyeshadow tools

Eyeshadow placement areas:

Eyeshadow Applying Areas

Types of Eyeshadow applying styles:

Three basic eye shadow applying styles are vary popular in every where but these three styles are used in versatile way.  Most of the eye makeup looks that you see in magazines and on celebrities. proper eye shadow applying styles are  impress your peers and help you look and feel your best. Three basic eye shadow applying styles are:

  1. Classic style
  2. Dramatic style
  3. Smokey style

Classic style:

  • In the classic style, you begin with a light to medium shade from lash line to brow bone.
  • Then you  work the crease with a medium shade for a subtle contrast.
  • A third shade in a light color can act as a highlight on your outer brow bone
  • Finally apply the dark fine eye liner placed tightly along the upper lash line, a narrow line below the lower lash line and use  mascara.

Classic styleClassic style

Dramatic style:

  • When we apply dramatic style, a medium to dark shade is used from lash line to crease
  • Blending into crease and below brow bone.
  • A light shade is blended at and above the crease into the brow bone
  • Finally it is completed with a more bold eye lining still tight to the upper lash line and a sweep of color under the lower lash line, and use multiple coats of mascara.

Dramatic styleDramatic style

Smokey style:

  • Perfect smokey eye is proper blending. You want to make sure colors are blended together flawlessly. Also, it’s important to pair light base colors with rich dark colors.
  • You begin with eye liner, dark and smudged thickly along the upper lash line, darkest shadow shade of the trio you use, blending in lash line and upper lid, and into crease.
  • You will also use that same medium shade, sweeping back and forth from the outer corner of the eye, under the lower lash line, to the inner corner of the eye.
  • You can experiment with any color liners on the water line.

Smoky styleSmokey style



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