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What is Fashion Designing | Future Scope for the Fashion Designing

What is Fashion Designing | Future Scope for the Fashion Designing

Nigar Sultana
Head of the Department
Department of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: nigar.kccwc@gmail.com


Fashion Designing:

Design is concerned  with how needs are identified, related and in case stimulated. It affects the ways in which our materials, energy, skill and other recourses are contributed to satisfy them fully, it calls upon enterprise and enthusiasm, inventiveness and ingenuity, scientific discovery and technical knowledge, power of visualization together with knowledge of human capabilities and aesthetic sensibility. Design requires patterns and planning. Creating or styling the appearance of a person with reference to clothing, accessories and beauty in corresponding with the personality of any individual is fashion designing.

Fashion designing
Fashion designing

Fashion designing involves knowledge of basic elements of designing, understanding color cycle, brief study of history of clothing, knowledge of fibers and fabrics, trims and accessories, apparel manufacturing techniques.

Fashion Designing for the Future:

Fashion Designing is an interesting and creative career option where you can show your eye for detail. Plus it is glamorous too. But will just love for designing clothes help you in becoming a good fashion designer? Fashion designing industry has become highly competitive today. This has made it important for the ones pursuing a career in this industry to work harder. If you are planning to get into this stylish industry, here is what you should know. Different types of design careers or professionals that are related the study of creative art and design. Fashion design is one of the most popular career in the fashion industry.

Scope of fashion designing
Scope of fashion designing

Designs almost anything which is part of the garment of men, women, and children. Designers understanding the needs of their clients create attractive and functional garments and accessories according to the latest trends, market conditions, weather and also keeping a close watch on the fit, style, color, texture, size and material. The process of making a dress starts with the sketching the original idea on paper. Then shaping, the pattern pieces which make the garment. The pieces are then drawn in actual size or paper and cut out on a rough material. These pieces are stitched together and fitted on a model. From the rough model sample garments are made in the final fabric.

Much time of the designer is spent in exploration and research. Knowledge about fabric, weave, draping qualities, material, color and design and the changing trend is important. You could have your own label or start work as a part of a team for a designer with his / her own label.



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