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Guidelines for Measurement of Garments

Guidelines for Measurement of Garments

Yeakutun Nesa Tammi
Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Womens College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh



Measurement of Garments:

In order to ensure we use the same system of measurement to evaluate product and that we use the same terminology to describe these measurements, we have put together How-to-Measure Guidelines.

In addition to written descriptions of how to take a measurement, there are illustrations showing the points of measure for different categories of garments. This standardization will ensure consistency and accuracy in measuring.

Measurement of Garments
Measurement of Garments

Correctly measuring garments is essential to achieve the high quality Nordstrom customers require. Auditors must be familiar with our measurement methods, measurement tools, and documentation of those measurements.

Term Abbreviations

  • BK = Back
  • BLW = Below
  • BTTN = Button
  • CB = Center Back
  • CF = Center Front
  • FM = From
  • FT = Front
  • HPS = High Point Shoulder
  • W/O = Without
  • W/B = Waistband
  • MSRMNT = Measurement
  • SHLDR = Shoulder
  • CNTR = Center
  • BTTM = Bottom

Preparation for Measuring Garments

  • Table surface must be smooth and flat
  • Garment must be buttoned and zipped unless otherwise specified
  • Garment with non-closure must be overlapped as specified
  • Gently smooth out all folds, wrinkles or creases being careful not to stretch or distort garment

Garment Measuring

  • Take all measurements to the nearest 1/8” using a 1/4” flexible metal tape measure
  • All measurements are edge to edge unless specified as inside to inside
  • Measure garment on wearer’s left side
  • For curved seams, such as rises and armholes, stand tape on edge and walk along seam to be measured
  • For stretch measurements, stretch to full extension of fabric, but not beyond.
  • For extended minimum measurements, fully extend until minimum extension is reached without rupturing seams or distorting garment.



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