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How to Color Influence the Customers to Buy a Dress

How to Color Influence the Customers to Buy a Dress

Jahanara Akter
Editor, Fashion Elongation
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Color is very important within fashion and textile design. When a customer enters a store they tend to be drawn to the color of a garment. Color is the main factors to select a dress. Consumer at first consider about the dress color, then the visual appearance, quality, design, and finally price of a dress. They may then go and touch the garment and lastly they will try it on to see if the fit is right.

Customer buy a dress on the basis of color
Color influence customer to buy a dress

Color Influence the Customer to Buy a Dress:

  • When purchasing new products, it is impossible that consumers place visual appearance, color or other factors when shopping.
  • 85% of consumers place color as primary reason for why they buy a particular dress.
  • Color increases brand recognition. So, brand recognition directly links to consumer.
  • Color is one of the most powerful methods of design.
  • Color also has the unique ability to attract specific types of consumers to select a dress. brand recognition
  • Within a fashion collection safe colors are usually black, navy, white, stone and khaki. Buyers will often buy in garments in these colors as they are the staple colors of most people’s wardrobes.
  • It is sometimes a good idea to offer some of the basic colors and add to them seasonal experimental colors. These colors will add life to the collection and will ideally entice the customer to buy each season’s new colors along with the trans-seasonal basics.
  • Skin tone can also have an effect on the color choice of a garment. Dark skin looks great against strong, bright colors, while softer colors work better against paler skin.



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    I strongly agree. I loved and was very successful as Colorist for past 8 yrs.
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