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How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Suraiya Hossain
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh


Jewelry is the main instrument of women’s grooming. Women’s wear matching jewelry in the different occasional dress or saree. Now a day’s women wear different types of jewelry like gold, silver, diamond, pearls or as well as women’s preferred list antics Jewelry, Pottery jewelry, wooden jewelry, beads etc.

After makeup jewelry is the choice for long term use and to maintain the beauty of proper care. However, many people have probably never heard about the care of jewelry. Jewelry varied between different types of care. If you can properly take care of jewelry, precious jewelry, your teeth will always be new ones.

Bridal jewelry
Bridal jewelry

Here i will show some caring process for different types of jewelry.

Care of gold jewelry:

Decreases the brightness of the old days when a lot of gold. A little detergent powder in a pot of water to increase the brightness of the gold jewelry for some, and put a little toothpaste, toothbrush and lightly rub carefully. Such that the brightness of your gold jewelry will have to return.

Care of gold
Care of gold

Care of silver jewelry:

Silver jewelry do not need more trouble to keep nice. First remove the jewelry as well talcom powder and apply on her. Then, with a dry cotton cloth to wipe clean. Also apply baking soda and aluminum water for cleaning silver jewelry. If you properly care for your silver jewelry will be good for a long time.

Care of pearl jewelry:

At the end pearl jewelry soft, wet cloth to delete. However, if the water is too dirty to be cleaned, rub with a little soap mixed with a brush. Pearl jewelry should not be kept in plastic bags.

Care of pearls
Care of pearls

Care of stone jewelry:

Heavy Kundan, stone jewelry soft cloth soaked in warm water, rub the jewelry will be cleared. Do not wear precious stone jewelry in the sport or heavy work time.

Care of gold plate jewelry:

The rising price of gold jewelry is growing the demand of Gold Plates. At the end of this jewelry will be carefully wrapped with tissue. When it tarn black, once again, the gold color to be taken. The colors look like new.

Care of antic metals jewelry:

Antic jewelry looks bleak when not in use, the strip of lemon rub on the jewelry and washed with clean water and get the brightness.

Care of wooden and pottery jewelry:

After use of wooden and pottery jewelry, clean it with the soft cotton fabric. Don’t wash it in water. Then cover it with  clean and soft tissue paper and kept in a box.

Care of diamond jewelry:

If you want to clean diamond jewelry with a little toothpaste on the brush and rub, rinse with clean water. Then cover with a clean tissue to be. Taking care of jewelry diamond looks like new. Gold, silver, diamond and metal jewelry should not be kept in the same box. Tissue box cover will be different.

Care of diamond jewelry
Care of diamond jewelry



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