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How to Take Care of your Makeup for Long Time Use

How to Take Care of your Makeup for Long Term Use

Jahanara Akter
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Women love to keep themselves. Woman wants to go cleanly and make their skin looking young . So you need to make yourself more beautiful cosmetics. For the long time use, you will need to proper care of your makeup and cosmetics at home.

Women applying makeup
Women applying makeup

Some tips to take care your makeup:

  • Keep your Lip-gloss, Eyeliner, Lip gel, Lip sticks, Mascara in the refrigerator, for long time use.
Women applying lip stick
Women applying lip stick
  • Keep your eyeshadow in a safe place. Because any small strick can damage it.
  • When it comes to makeup puffs that, at the end of the makeup brush or sponge is used to thoroughly wash and dry, then place the tissue wound.
  • A lot of moisturizers, foundations, the amount of time it fell back into the reserve. This should not be done at all. If you can not make full use of containers to separate cover and try to use within one hour.
  • Water-based foundation has dried up a lot of time before the expiry date, get rid of it before use Shake well to mix a few drops of Alcohol Free Toner.
  • After every 3 months keep clean your makeup brush with soap and water or a little baby shampoo.
Cleaning makeup brush
Cleaning makeup brush
  • Face powder and liquid makeup cosmetics buy a small box or bottle. Cosmetic bottle or box for a long time because of the lack of clotting and become unfit for use.



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