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Importance of Fashion Concept

Importance of Fashion Concept

Fashion concept:

A fashion concept is a vague idea that inspires one to create in a certain manner. There is no limit to what a fashion concept can be. This is a matter of artistic vision and expression. It is unlikely that two people will share the exact same fashion concept for a design. This concept allows you a starting motivation and vision. Fashion concepts are not necessarily blatantly used by every artist, it is matter of personal approach.

Fashion concept
Fashion concept

Importance of Fashion Concept:

Clothes  are  a  part  of  our  life .  They  protect  us,  warm  us  and  give  us  pleasure.  Fashion  express  moods  and  our  personality.

There  are  four  main  reasons  for  wearing  clothes:

Firstly, comes  modesty;  the  need  to  hide  one’s  body  from  the  sight  of  others.  This  can  be  done  easily,  and  cannot  by  itself  account  for   all  the  changes  of  fashion  through  the  ages.  In  any  ideas  of  what  is  right  wrong  in  dress  vary  from  country  to  country.

Secondly,  it  protects  against  the  cold  or  wet,  or, in  tropical  lands,   against  heat.

Perhaps,  the  most  protective  clothing  ever  devised  was  a  suit  of  armour,  though,  by  the  century  this  had  become  so  heavy   that  the   knights  who  wore  it,  had  to  be  hoisted  on  their  by  crane.

In  modern  times,  with  so  many  materials  to  choose  from  jobs  to  be  done,  protection is  usually  “built-in”  to  special  clothes  designed for  the  purpose.  We  see  this  in  the  overall   of  factory  world  or  the  helmets  worn  by  miners,  steel   workers  racing  drivers.  The  most  complicated  protect  of  all  is  the  space  suit.

Thirdly,  is utility-   for  instance  the  need  to   carry  things.  This  has  influenced  the  shape  of  clothes. Since  pockets  are  designed  in  the  17th  century, they  have  been  incorporated  in  every  type  of  dress. Women  get  over  this  by  caring  hand  bags,  but, they  only  started  to  do  so  when  skirts  became  too  tight  to allow  pockets.

Fourthly,  comes  the  most  important  one  of  all  is  variety-  the  urge  to  decorate  and  adorn  on  person,  to  be  different,  and  to  be  appear  more  attractive  than  others, being  different  also  increase  their  pride  and  self-confidence. Even  people  who  wear  little  no  clothing,  like  the  ab-origins.  North  Australia,  paint  tattoo,  or  scar  their  bodies  with  complicated  pattern  of  decoration  one  part  of  Burma,  there  are so  called  “giraffe-necked”  women  who  stretch  their  necks  with  high  collars  of  brass  rings.

People  from  every  where  can  share  tastes  and  fashions,  receiving  few  of  them  as  they  have  statement  celebrity  wears  one  day  will  be  prepared   for  mass  production,  the  next.

The  clothes  what  we  design  should  be  practical.  They  must  be  comfortable,  light,  yet  warm  as  weather  requirements.



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