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Important Design Tools for a Fashion Designer

Important Design Tools for a Fashion Designer

Suraiya Hossain
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: bokpakhi84@gmail.com



Every designer has a dream to start a fashion career or business, and working against aggressive competition. To face this competition, at first you make sure using the best and most effective design tools. Design tools can help you minimize mistakes, cut down on creation time and capture your every idea to create a new design.

Fashion designer in work
Fashion designer in work

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Requirements to Become a Fashion Designer

Types of Design Tools:

Before design you have to keep in mind these following tools:

  1. Fashion Dummies or mannequins
  2. Sketchpad
  3. Sketching tools
  4. Season
  5. Target group
  6. Occasion
  7. Theme
  8. Color
  9. Pattern
  10. Fabric
  11. Sewing Kits
1. Fashion Dummies or mannequins:

Fashion dummies or mannequins are a great way to help new designers understand fitting and shaping in dresses and tops. Different size are available, dummy provides the shape as like as human’s core. It’s always best to do a final fitting on your model or subject before sewing.

Fashion Dummies
Fashion Dummies
2. Sketchpad:

Sketchpad is considered to be the ancestor of modern computer-aided design (CAD) programs as well as a major breakthrough in the development of computer graphics in general.

A sketchpad is easily a designer’s best friend. Having a large, but portable sketchpad is extremely important for young designers, as they can take them on interviews or design sets. Many budding designers will keep a smaller sketchpad in their purse or satchel, so when they see a great idea they can draw it out and take it home.

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Application of computers in the Field of Fashion Designing

3. Sketching tools:

A simple box of color pencil crayons, a sketch book, normal drawing pencil (Hb, 2b, 4b, 6b etc), paper, carbon paper, graph paper, eraser, set square, water and poster color, brush etc.

Sketching tools
Sketching tools
4. Season:

Fashion designers are design there dress on the basis of season. These are summer, fall, spring and winter.

5. Target group:

Every designer has some special target customer. They are mainly design for their target customer group. Socio-economic, culture, occupation, individual (men, women, children).

6. Occasion:

Formal, informal, semi-formal, casual, smart casual, official, business dress, business casual, cocktail party, active wear, swim wear, spots wear. Before design a garments, these dress codes and occasions are follow a designer.

7. Theme:

Designers consider a specific theme as frame of reference.

8. Color:

Garments color depends on according to the theme, season, and occasion.

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Uses of Color in Fashion and Design

9. Patterns:

Any young designer can benefit from using patterns for helping with inseams, waistlines and special sizing. While advanced designers may never touch a pattern, they may help beginners understand sizing and dimensions without having to scrap too much fabric.

Pattern making
Pattern making
10. Fabric:

Fashion designer selects their fabric for dress making according to cost, fiber, fabric construction, durability, comfort etc.

11. Sewing Kit:

A sewing kit is a great little tool for new designers. A sewing kit can help to make a full outfit, also help during shows or photo shoots when an outfit accidentally snags or repair. Another great use for a sewing kit is to add last minute touches on your outfit right before hitting the fashion show runway.

Sewing Kit
Sewing Kit



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