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Job Duties of Merchandiser in Garment Industry

Job Duties of Merchandiser in Garment Industry

Nishat Nawshin Ruchi
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: nawshin.shams88@gmail.com


The Merchandising is known to the person specially involved in garments trade. The term merchandising has been derived from the merchandise. Merchandise means goods that are bought & sold.

The term Merchandising may be defined as: Person who merchandises the goods, specifically for export purpose. Garments merchandising means buying raw materials & accessories, producing, garments, maintain required quality level & exporting the garments within schedule time. From the above definitions, we can say that a person involved in garments merchandising needs a wide range of knowledge & skill to perform his job successfully. The job itself is Technical & General as well.

The person who is related in merchandising is called merchandiser.

Apparel merchandiser meeting with buyer
Apparel merchandiser meeting with buyer

Duties and Responsibilities of a Merchandiser:

When an export order is placed to a merchandiser, he has to schedule the following-

  • Fabric and accessories requirement calculation (consumption).
  • Costing
  • Lab dips
  • Sourcing of fabrics and accessories.
  • Preparing internal order sheets, purchase order, booking sheet, packing list.
  • Garment analysis and production planning and controlling.
  • Advising quality department to maintain acceptable quality level (AQL).
  • He monitor garment production progress as per time schedule
  • Swatch making and distribution to the production unit and quality concern people.
  • To collect a garment export order or export L/C
  • Estimate time schedule for the export of those garments as per L/C
  • Arrange pre-shipment documents.
  • Monitor garment packing instructions
  • Arrange shipping documents and final inspection.
  • Monitor the cyclical Process of Garments Export Marketing
  • Continuous communication with buyer.
  • He has to handover the products which are ordered by the buyer with undamaged condition.
  • He also has to motivate people with his logical and pleasant behavior.
  • Finally he will ensure, how to earn profit through garment export execution.



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