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List of Machine, Tools and Equipment’s for Sewing Section

List of Sewing Room Machine, Tools and Equipment’s in Apparel industry

Sewing section:

Sewing section is the heart of garments manufacturing industry. Here every cutting parts are join together and make a perfect garment for the buyer with the help of different types of sewing machine, threads, needles, tools and equipments. In this sewing section all the buyers specifications are must be followed to get quality products.

Which kind of machine, tools, and equipment’s are essential for sewing department of RMG industry? To get a remarkable changes on productions, every apparel professionals and apparel related peoples should know about this topic.

list of machine, tools and equipements for sewing
Sewing department in apparel industry

Various types of machine, tools, and equipment’s for sewing dept. of RMG industry:

Different types of machine, tools and equipment’s for sewing section are must be needed to get desire products. Quality inspector or supervisor always follows up these kinds of machine, tools and equipments for sewing room in the garments industry.

List of machine, tools, and equipments for sewing sections in the garments industry are mentioned below-

  1. Different types of sewing machine
  2. Local iron
  3. Steam iron
  4. Pressing machine with vacuum table
  5. Template / finished pattern
  6. Awl
  7. Table for quality inspection
  8. Table for marking
  9. Table for matching garments parts
  10. Sitting chair / stool for operator
  11. Scissor
  12. Trimmer
  13. Stitch opener
  14. Fabric Chalk
  15. Pencil
  16. Measuring tape
  17. Pointer
  18. Various attachments like guide, gauge, jigs, and folder etc.
  19. Side box
  20. Rack
  21. Tray

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