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Methods of Drawing and Duplicating Marker

Methods of Drawing and Duplicating Marker
Samira Ahmed  
Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University),
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: rupkotha932@yahoo.com



Methods of Drawing and Duplicating Marker:

Multiple copies of the paper marker are usually needed. Therefore, several copies are done. These copies can either be made when marker plan is first drawn or markers planner can reproduce the markers when needed by various methods.

Marker drawing
Marker drawing

A. Carbon duplicating method:

In this method 6-8 markers can be duplicated at a time. 3-4 carbon papers are needed for it. Double sided carbon papers are placed between two markers. When markers are done on the upper page by pen or pencil, duplicate patterns are made on under pages.

B. Spirit duplicating method:

It is messy process but many accurate copies can be done easily. In spirit duplicating method, the master marker is drawn on paper with a layer of special hectograph paper underneath it .This paper transfers a blue line on to the back of the master as it is drawn. The master is then used to make one copy at a time by spirit duplicating machine.

C. Photograph or light sensitive paper method:

A specially made light sensitive paper is used for this technique. When patterns are drawn on it and exposed to light to different shade, marker is made.

D. Perforated marker:

It is made by placing patterns on pattern card. The figure of pattern is drawn by marking with pencil. Small perforated marker is placed on fabric lay and power of French chalk is passed over markers. This helps to make the markers just according to the pattern piece.

E. Computerized marker:

When marker planning is finished, it is stored in the memory of computer and at any time computer can display the markers. The printed version can be achieved by plotter machine attached to the computer.

F. Photographic method:

In this process photograph is taken to copy the marker. Thus any time reproduction of marker is possible by following the position of the patterns from the snap.

G. Marker directly on the fabric:

1. Drawing by chalk or pencil: Fabric is spreaded. All the pattern piece is then placed over the fabric lay. Chalk or pencil is used to draw the patterns over the fabrics. Needs more time and experiences. Oldest method &widely used in tailors, but rare in garments industries.

2. Paint sprays technique: The patterns are kept over the fabrics. Then paint sprayed over the fabric. The space which is covered by pattern is not shaded where as other parts are colored. It is widely used for check fabric.



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