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Most Essential Accessories for Summer

Most Essential Accessories for Summer

Jahanara Akter
Editor, Fashion Elongation
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In this super hot summer, it is very sticky with sweat, the humidity of air. If you’re particularly oily skin. Facial skin would become one of the oil wells. It becomes impossible to makeup. Although authorities do not trouble the oil dry skin, excessive sweating, rash occurs.

But we can’t stay at home. Offices, class, hang out can not be entered. Put out some of the necessary things to know before, which will help keep you in this unbearable heat. Some essential fashion accessories are must be needed in summer to get a fresh look.

Most essential accessories for men and women in summer are as follows:

Men’s summer accessories:

Men’s summer accessories are a part of the fashion statement, and any male outfit that lacks the accessory components would be left incomplete and you might find yourself inadequate amongst all other highly dressed men in the room.

Men's accessories for summer
Men’s accessories for summer

1. Sunglasses

  • Mirrored sunglasses
  • Round-Frame sunglasses
  • D-frame sunglasses

2. Fedora hats or panama hat

3. Tassel shoes

4. Low cut socks

5. Travel bags

6. Woven or canvas Belts

7. Versatile watch

8. Leather wallet

9. Body Spry or deodorant

10. Tissue or handkerchiefs

Women’s Summer Accessories:

Women mainly use cotton related summer dress, saree and also use different types of accessories in summer for refreshment. When women went out from home some fashion accessories are must be keep up to protect hot. These most essential women’s accessories are below.

Women's accessories for summer
Women’s accessories for summer

1. Wet Wipes / makeup removing tissue

2. Toner

3. Sun screen

4. Oil absorbing sheet

5. Perfume

6. Umbrella

7. Sunglasses

8. The floppy hat

9. Classic clutch handbag

10. Light bracelet

11. Comfortable footwear like flat sandal, Wedge sandals, small heel etc

Now the only thing that you have to do is to catch up some of these accessories that you think you like the most and rock your style and look refreshing. Stay this summer fresh, healthy and beautiful.



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