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Panjabi Collection for Eid Day

Panjabi Collection for Eid Day

Jahanara Akter
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How will be the collection of boys panjabi in up coming Eid? Which color and cut are coming?

The eid festival of the summer, so light colors will dominate. There is no alternative to the comfort of cotton and linen panjabi. During the day avoid much more design on panjabi, gets a little bit too soft, because simple design is looks good for summer.

Traditional panjabi
Traditional panjabi

How will be the collection of  boys panjabi:

  • The youth’s panjabi can be seen tuned fit design.
  • However, older people are a little loose fitting panjabi cut.
  • Over the years there was a shorter panjabi. This time it will not be. For this eid coming a long tuned fit trends in Punjabi.
  • Although different types of fabrics have been kept as thin as possible. So that the air traffic body is healthy.
  • For the afternoon or evening parties you can take a Prince coat over the panjabi. Prince’s coat of many types can be seen again. Prince coats looks nifty panjabi elite or fashionable.
Panjabi with prince coat
Panjabi with prince coat

Design for panjabi:

  • Some peoples are like traditional and also like to select gorgeous work on panjabi. In front of the chest, neck or at the bottom of the sleeve is designed on panjabi.
    Occasional panjabi
    Occasional panjabi
  • Punjabi as well as those who want to wear heavy work cotton, silk is there for them, bhayela, jamebara, andy Punjabi etc. in a cloth.
  • Many young people wear jeans pants with panjabi. But in the Eid morning paijama is more preferable. aligori, churidar, and trouser paijama is also preferable.
  • Shoe sandals or sandals is perfect for panjabi.
  • Nowadays many people wear moccasins or lofer with a Punjabi. This is look good with jeans.
Panjabi with jeans
Panjabi with jeans

Color for panjabi:

The blue color play an attractive looks for panjabi. Designer are also reflect the rainy season color on this Eid festival attire. The white, off-white, ash, lime, yellow, purple, red, etc. can be viewed in color.

Blue color panjabi
Blue color panjabi



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