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Practical Tips of Fabric Selection for Garments

Practical Tips of Fabric Selection for Garments

Nigar Sultana
Head of the Department
Department of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: nigar.kccwc@gmail.com



Right clothes are necessary for health, poise and self-respect. To get right clothes, at first need to select the perfect fabrics. An individual who lives within a planned budget is usually happier, more contented, than one who spends the money as one earns it. It is true, our desire or wants are unlimited. Our needs are comparatively few. While adjustments for needs are essential and important in family life, catering to mere wants is undesirable for development of personality. When we want to buy perfect fabrics, some consideration must be followed. Such as, clothing budget, latest fabric design, color, comfortless, season and occasion.

Fabrics are displayed in a store
Fabrics are displayed in a store

Now I will listed some practical tips for fabric selection to make a dress.

Practical tips for choosing the fabrics:

  • One of the first things is to find out one’s needs and to make a plan for spending one’s garments needs.
Fabric selection for garments
Fabric selection for garments
  • Let the plan be in relation to the family budget. Study each member’s list of clothing needs, and decide to spread purchase of clothing for all, throughout the year.
  • The next step is to put the plan into action. Consider the purpose for which the fabric is to be used – for instance whether for “work-a-day” wear or for a special occasion. Buy only the clothing item decided for purchase. Avoid buying on impulse.
  • Choose and buy good quality; cheap things are rarely an economy.
  • Compare prices and values at different stores.
  • Select renowned store, where varieties fabrics are available.
  • Discover ways and means of renovating.



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