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How to Psychological Factors Influence Our Dress

How to Psychological Factors Influence Our Dress
Shirin M Shanu
Dept. of Fashion Design
Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology,
Dhaka, Bangladesh





Fashion and lifestyle go hand-in-hand. They are communicated by what we see, and for that color plays the major part. It emphasizes various image and objects in our day to day life. Every human being is aware of appearing as the occasion demands. Life breathes fashion in every corner of the world. Time keep changing and so also fashion. One may be personified old fashioned, traditional, customary, rigid, practical, trendy, go-getter or modern generations have seen the color and glamour that add to fashion. Without fashion, life would not be worth living. Fashion  and dresses are mainly influence by some factors. Such as:

  • Economical Factors
  • Social Factors
  • Psychological Factors
  • Physiological Factors

Psychological Factors:

Every dress has a psychological influence on a person. Decorative and suitable dress always influences a man. Initially a man is identified his dress by the influence of Psychological Factors.

Dress discloses the following points of a man by psychology:

  • Elegance or loveliness
  • Likings or inclination
  • Mental satisfaction
  • Impressions of Others
  • Attitude or view point

Elegance or loveliness:

People always prefer elegance and loveliness. Dress of a man discloses his elegance. For this reason people’s choice depends on loveliness.

As a person matures, he also grows his self-confidence and that individualistic nature will help him through selection of dresses from the range of choice in fabric, colours and designs according to the fashion trends.

Likings or inclination:

Peoples attraction on dress depends on their liking or inclination. At the same time one can say any comment by seeing the dress of women likings. Decent family has always effort to collect variety of dress within their income limitation. So their dress always revealed new items.

Likings or inclination influence on dress
Likings or inclination influence on dress

Mental satisfaction:

Social dignity and prestige-knowledge always need new dress of a man, varieties occasion needs variety of dress. If dress is suitable for the occasion or costume then mental satisfaction is highly increased. Basically occasion dresses should made in dark colors and shiny fabrics .We also fulfill important psychological needs of conformity and self-confidence.

Impressions of Others:

The clothes are also the symbol of the person values, attitudes,taste. This way we can study his or her personality. A typical example that impressions of intelligence and scholastic ability among high school students and teachers. They presented their participants with photographs of male and female students that were unknown to the participants. The clothing styles of the students were varied so that half of the time the students were wearing cutoff jeans and t-shirts and the other half they were wearing a suit. For both students and teachers, the clothing style worn affected the impressions formed. When wearing the cutoff jeans and a t-shirt students were rated lower in intelligence and scholastic ability than when wearing a suit. So, Psychological factors  influence our fashion everyday.

Attitudes or view point:

Attitude about dress is different for different family. Such as: one family think dress will be comfortable, other thinks their publicity, and another family thinks that the dress is the media of decoration. Fundamental attitude are different for different family. The children and older person prefers comfort ability of dress. Many elderly people rely on clothing made from stretchy fabrics that allow for easy dressing. Teenage and younger group always search variety of dress. Most teenagers are fashion conscious, they always selection up to date dress.Elegant dress attracts of another person. Suitable dress for any occasion, praise everybody.

Attitudes or view point influence on dress
Attitudes or view point influence on dress


Elegant dress attracts of another person. In this way we can win easily in any competition. A well dressed person can motivated to other person at first impression. Dress has important effect on personality.Dress assist to a person by giving design, color, and hide the physical fault and expose the better physical characteristics. During dress selection a family must consider the psychological factors of a human body.




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