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Requirements of Color Qualities for Fashion Design

Requirements of Color Qualities for Fashion and Design

Jahanara Akter
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: fashionelongation@gmail.com

Color Qualities:

Color qualities are achieved by combination of light or dark, the results are the effects it creates on a design and ultimately to the personality of the wearer.

Following are the different color qualities.

  1. Tone
  2. Light colors
  3. Dull colors
  4. Dark colors
  5. Vivid colors

1. Tones:

Tone is formed by mixing white or black to the base colour. Tone is also regarded as an intensity of color. For e.g. if dullness has to be achieved for a particular basic colour, grey (a combination of black & white in correct proportions) is added to it. This result in the degration of intensity of the basic colour and makes it more dull.

Color tone in dress
Color tone in dress

2. Light colors:

Addition of white to a basic color result in the lighter shade of any color. The hue is relatively important. Characteristics of light colors are soft ethererl. Light colors aer popular among women’s wardrobe, but it lacks eye grabbing quality that most designers seek, but a light colour can be effective in its own way actually stand out from the brash overconfident colour scheme that surrounds it.

Light Colored Shorts
Light Colored Shorts

3. Dull colors:

Addition of grey to a basic colour reduces the brightness, hence a dull colour is achieved. Dull colours are vague and diffuse, and create a blurry effect. However dull colour help reduce tension and can give colour scheme a meditative dream-like mood. Addition of more grey result in muddy shades.

Dull colored dress
Dull colored dress

4. Dark colors:

Combination of primary base to the basic colours result in darker shade. Dark colors are often associated with royalty and have an aura of almost ponderous dignity for e.g. dark red, dark blue, dark purple, dark green etc. Black shade gives a feeling of heavy or adds weight to a design. Dark colours are often found in men’s suite and formal wear. These colours are usually paired with lighter colours and more conventional to use.

Dark color dress
Dark color dress

5. Vivid colors:

They are also called as surprising colours. The vivid or bright colours have powerful personality. They have a tendency to stand apart among other colours, but combination of two or more vivid colour is confusing. Vivid colour scheme is tricky, use of these colours is fine but they have a tendency for tiring eyes very quickly,e.g. fluorescent colours such as fluorescent orange, lemon yellow, striking pink, electric blue and fluorescent.

Vivid colored dress
Vivid colored dress



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