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Requirements to Become a Successful Fashion Stylist

How to Become a Successful Fashion Stylist

Jahanara Akter
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: fashionelongation@gmail.com



Fashion Stylist:

Fashion stylist also well known as wardrobe stylist. Fashion stylists coordinate outfits from an array of clothing and accessories. Fashion stylist responsible for bringing to life a photographer’s or director’s vision for a fashion photography shoot, magazine layout, music video, television or film commercial or print often credited with setting fashion trends around the globe. Stylists are often part of a larger creative team assembled by the client, collaborating with the fashion designer, photographer/director, hair stylist and makeup artist to put together a particular look or theme for the specific project.

Job for fashion stylist
Job for fashion stylist

Requirements to Become a Fashion Stylist:

  • Knowledgeable in fashion design, fashion merchandising, visual arts, photography or related fields
  • Experience or internships with fashion publications or fashion
  • Has an eye for style and upcoming fashion trends, as well as broad knowledge of historical fashions.
  • Technical knowledge for creating sets and using lighting effectively.
  • Needs to be creative, resourceful, persistent, and self-motivated.
  • Should have good interpersonal, presentation, and communication
  • Should have extensive networks of contacts within the fashion industry to get the job done quickly and within budget.

Responsibilities for a Fashion Stylist:

  • Scout locations and create the mood for a shoot by selecting appropriate props, fashions, accessories and even models to fit the theme of the shoot.
  • Work with teams of people such as photographers, designers, lighting technicians, and set builders.
  • Borrow, lease, or purchase garments and props and then arrange to transport the selections to the studio or location to determine which combinations look best.
  • Works with hair and makeup personnel and dress the people featured in the shoot, adjusting the fit of apparel and accessories as needed.
    Requirements to become fashion stylist
    Requirements to become fashion stylist

Challenges for a Fashion Stylist:

  • May find this career filled with irregular work, long hours, limited budgets and clients with conflicting personal tastes.
  • It can be difficult to work for a number of bosses, from the client to the photographer or film director.
  • Often freelance and does not offer job security.
  • Strong competition with minimal job openings.
  • Should also avoid allowing their ego and tastes to interfere with a director’s vision or a client’s image.



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