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Role of Fashion Models to Promote a Brand

Role of Fashion Models to Promote a Brand

Jahanara Akter
Lecturer, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: fashionelongation@gmail.com

Fashion Model:

A fashion model is a person who have a role to promote clothing , accessories and a new brand to fashion buyer, customers and the media.

Earlier this profession was defined with a narrower term “mannequin”. But it did not express the essence of the activity, since not only women can be a fashion  models, but also men, children and even animals.For effective advertising of clothes, manufacturing companies, sellers and advertising companies involve fashion models.

Fashion Model
Fashion Model

Role of fashion models to promote a brand:

  • Famous people have influence fashions for many decades. So fashion models are help to promote a new brand.
  • Fashion models are show their work in the fashion show or in photographs for catalogs, magazines, newspapers and advertising campaigns.
  • Intense media coverage of their lifestyles leads to a keen interest in what clothes the are wearing. Many people want to follow the same fashion and style. This reason many fashion houses and accessories companies are sponsor their dress and accessories item to promote it.
  • Media coverage influences consumer aspirations and desires to emulate their idols.
  • Any Fashion model should have a range of skills. Among them there is the ability to gracefully move through the podium, convincing the audience that clothes she is wearing are exceptionally comfortable.
  • In the field of Fashion-industry model is a person capable of the most advantageous way of showing the beauty of his or her clothes.
  • Recently, famous people or fashion models have been used as models on catwalk to promote new dresses. e.g. Victoria, Beckham.
  • Many companies are using celebrities as a fashion model to endorse their products with the help of advertisement.
  • Many celebrities receive free items of clothing, as that way a company will get free press coverage.
  • Role of fashion models are often accused of having a negative influence on society. For example, with the use of very thin catwalk models and the increase of eating disorders.



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