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Selecting Self help Garments for Children

Selecting Self help Garments for Children

Nigar Sultana
Assistant professor, Dept. of Fashion Design
KCC Women’s College (Affiliated by Khulna University)
Khulna, Bangladesh
Email: nigar.kccwc@gmail.com

Self help Garments:

A self-help garment is one, which the child can put on and take off with little or no help from an adult. This feature is as important to child as to his mother. The experience of learning to dress himself makes the child more independent and self-confident. After creeping age of baby, pre-school children’s are try to put on dress along. So they fill very happy to select their clothes.

Selecting self help garments for children:

Here are some points to remember in selecting garments that will encourage independence in dressing.

  • Simple styles are easier to manipulate than complicated ones.
  • Long openings are located for easy reach. Front openings are easier to handle than back or side

    Selfhelp garments
    Selfhelp garments
  • Large buttons or fasteners are easier to manage than small ones.
  • No waist line, gather are apply on the shoulder.
  • Deep hem are suitable for binding sleeves.
  • Simple armholes, sleeves and necks make garments easier to get into.
  • The back of a garment should be easily distinguishable from the front. In pants, it is wise to sew a colored thread either at the front or back of the waist to help the child distinguish one from the other.
  • The side of the shoes that goes to the outside should be marked, to help the small child to identify the right from left.
  • Apply simple design for decoration.
  • Avoid more trimming and accessories.
  • Collarless dresses, blouses, and shirts are easier to handle than those with collars.
  • Avoid separate belts, as these get twisted and caught in the dressing.
  • Use elastic on the pant waist and avoid belts and buttons.
  • Apply large button and avoid collar for boy’s costume.
  • Comfortable fabric like cotton is most preferable.
  • Uses lose fitting dress for both boys and girls.
    Loose fitting dresses for girls
    Loose fitting dresses for girls

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