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Shoes – A Woman’s Best Friend

Shoes – A Woman’s Best Friend

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Whether we women like to admit it or not, a chunk of our lives is spent in the pursuit of the perfect pair of shoes! Slipping into the ‘right’ pair of shoes can instantly uplift our mood and spirits and make us feel right out of a magical Cinderella fairytale – such is the irresistibly mystic power of the ideal pair of shoes.

Various types of women's shoes
Various types of women’s shoes

Shoes are a woman’s best friends and Marilyn Monroe is quoted to have said she doesn’t know who invented high heels but women sure do owe that person a lot. Such is the level of importance of high heels – or any other fabulous pair of shoes for that matter – in a woman’s life.

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Different Types of Fashion Footwear

So if you want to make an impact and make it big, the right pair of shoes will help you achieve that and so much more! So what more could one want than a pair of fantastic killer shoes, right? Adding the perfect pair of shoes with just the right amount of elegance, class and charm – all rolled into one – is what every woman needs to complement and complete her outfit and enhance her personality.

So take a step out of your comfort zone right into killer shoes with amazing shoe collections online and vast varieties of all sorts of shoes for women all over Bangladesh at Kaymu or bdhaat. From bridal to wedding wear shoes, to office wear, business wear, casual and party shoes, the list of shoes women need in their lives is almost never ending, so start shopping now and make the most of online shopping avenues and have your perfect shoes delivered right to your doorstep.

Coordinate your Shoes with your Dress

The type of shoes you choose to pair up with your dress can either make or break it so make sure to invest in the right pair. Heels are ideal for party, wedding and bridal wear and are the classiest accessory a woman can add to her overall look. When shopping for your ideal shoe style, make sure to get something that coordinates with your dress, enhances your style and brings out the best in you. So always ensure to coordinate your shoes with your dress and you’ll be ready to turn heads.

If your dress is full of work and on the jazzy side, opt for simpler heels to avoid creating a visual mess. However, if your dress is simple and classy, jazz it up with high heels embellished with stones or glitter – the latest new trend in the international fashion arena.

Also make sure to coordinate and match the color of the work or embellishments on the dress with the heels. One can never go wrong with neutral tones such as gold, silver, bronze, pewter or rose gold heels. A stunning pair of black heels is also always the basic most necessity one should always have in their wardrobe.

Shiny patent leather heels in basic hues and shades as well as neon colors are also the rage these days. Pair a red patent leather heel with neutral clothes and create a style statement! Nude beige shoes are also very much in fashion and look fabulous paired with almost any attire.

Peep toes, sling backs, strappy shoes, and pointed shoes are all in fashion so make sure to choose a style that goes best with your attire. And if you are bored of feeling a little dull when so many wedding and party festivities are on-going, you can find an array of vibrant rainbow and neon colored shoes to enliven your wardrobe.

The Right Shoes for the Right Occasion

While glittery, blingy and embellished high heels are best left for fancy parties and weddings, court shoes, pointed toe shoes, and even kitten heels and wedges are best suited for office or business wear and even everyday casual wear. You can also for cute flat sandals or pumps or a wedge heel for casual wear. A perfect wedge sandal can add height and elegance to your overall look without being too uncomfortable. And wedges and kitten heels can look perfect with a pair of skinny jeans, palazzo pants, and office suits or with casual and funky tops. Big chunky heels are also the latest fashion trend to have hit international runways with pretty much everyone welcoming the break from towering stilettos.

Beautiful shoe
Beautiful shoe

Choosing the Perfect Pair of Shoes

Comfort is the key to any type of shoe you choose and no matter how gorgeous the shoe is, it isn’t worth it if it isn’t comfortable. Heel size should always be a consideration so choose the right heels according to your style, attire and comfort level. If you’re new to wearing heels, do not go for towering stilettos that will leave leave you wobbling your way around – the exact opposite of the classy look you’re trying to emulate. Instead, opt for kitten heels or even high heel wedge sandals and block heels.

At the end of the day, whatever shoe you pick is a matter of personal preference and style. Just make sure to factor in style with comfort so you can flaunt that very style with ease and confidence, and your head held high. It is amazing what a gorgeous pair of shoes can do to make you feel better, so always consider it a worthwhile investment!



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